Quality Time

by SomeGirl on November 30, 2011 · 24 comments

I was praying about what to share with you guys for thought-provoking Thursday today when I sensed the need to go spend quality time with my sweet husband.

So, instead of a long-winded post to encourage or inspire I’d like to leave you with a thought…

What can you put on hold or say “No” to today in order to spend quality time with someone who would really appreciate it (which might even be yourself)?

Something I hope to encourage you to think about.

Now, it’s my turn to play a word on our side-by-side Words with Friends game. :)

See you guys later!




Deb Chitwood

Such an important reminder in so few words. Thanks, Michelle! :)


Thank you for always being so encouraging, Deb! ♥


So great! Amen God bless


Thank you, Crystal. God bless you, too!


Great reminder, Michelle. Love your thought-provoking Thursday’s.


Thank you so much, my sweet Jellybean! :)

(Just thought I’d let you know that I think about you and your kindness often.)


Oh yes, saying “No” to something in order to give another quality time – so hard to do this time of year! But so important. Thanks for this fantastic reminder.


Yes, this time of year gets crazy, doesn’t it?! Here’s to lots of little quality time breaks. :) Thank you so much for commenting, Courtney!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire

YES. Them ALWAYS before this. I must often remind myself of this fact but who are with if we don’t do what we say? How can we minister to others when we aren’t doing the very thing we encourage others to do?

Good for you – hope your time was wonderful.


SO true! Thank you for that reminder, Natalie!


My wife will love your post today! One of the things that we do almost daily is play Words With Friends!


Fun game to play together, hu? Have you guys tried Family Feud? We like to play it around the dinner table as a family against a random opponent. Lots of fun, too! :)

Betsy at Zen Mama

Thanks Michelle! Glad to be part of Thurs. again!!


Glad to have you be a part again! You always having something encouraging to share!

Nikki @simplystriving

Seems like such an easy task: Saying no to activities so you can spend time with your priorities. The hardest thing — those priorities are the quickest to show grace, and we often abuse that. Well, I struggle with that at least — and is something I’m striving to change. Thanks for the accountability check!


Oh, isn’t that the truth… may we be continually reminded of our need to say no in order to say yes to something (someones) so very important to us! Thank you for commenting!


You know I love this!! What an important reminder for all of us.

I’m making my to-do list wait today and spending time with my two favorite moms for lunch and a little shopping.

Hope your Words game was fun. :)


It was, thank you. :) Hope your time with your moms was great, too! (One of these days I want to go “shop small” with you… please??) ;) Have you ever been to Funky Monkey? I have often wanted to go, but never taken the time.

Laurie Collett

So true! Moments spending quality time with Him, and with loved ones, are precious and gone forever if we miss the opportunity.


Oh, may we not miss the opportunities! Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Laurie!

Blue Cotton Memory

I am going to fraddle with my family later today! I am going to share your word with them. I bet the boys will have a great time playing with that word!


How fun to see you use “fraddle” and share it! LOVE that! Hope you guys had a wonderful time fraddling around! ♥

Becky H

thanks for the reminder. i’m going to get off the computer now and spend time with my fam all thanks to you!


That warmed my heart when I first read your comment and it warms my heart again as I reply… I hope you guys had a wonderful time together! ♥ Michelle

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