30 Day Photography Challenge Week 1

by SomeGirl on September 7, 2011 · 4 comments

Alright, now that the deep stuff is out of the way and grace is prayerfully reigning in our lives….

Let’s get to the fun stuff – our 30 Day Photography Challenge!

I’ve had SO much fun doing this, how about you?

I’ll share my shots from the past few days here and would LOVE it if you’d share yours in the link up or comment section below. You can link to a post, instagram, Flickr, etc… :)

Here we go!

Day 1 – Self Portrait (I realized after the fact that it would have been good to switch from my 50 mm lens to a wider angle one to get less of a close-up and more of me. But, I’m letting go of perfectionism, so here’s what I got.) ;)

Day 2 – What I Wore

I just LOVE my necklace from Sensations by Stephanie (my jewelry sponsor for the Relevant Conference coming up in October) and my shirt from Antivenom Clothing. (You buy a shirt and they give one to a child in need while sharing the gospel message!)

Day 3 – Clouds (Well, it was a mostly cloudless day, so I got creative on this one…)

Day 4 – Something Green

Celebrating my sweet husband’s birthday with Pho Noodles… Yum!

Day 4 – From a High Angle

Day 5 – From a Low Angle (just realized I may have done this wrong… was probably supposed to be from a low angle looking up. Oops.) :)

Day 6 (today) – Fruit (although, I cheated and took this on Something Green day… I may still shoot a fruit shot if time allows.) :)


Show us your shots! I can’t wait to see them and learn from you!



Ok. your pics are AWESOME!! way to go chica! my question (as a novice) is a low angle shot taken while you are low at something high or at the same low angle? I LOVED using my position to get more interesting shots…super fun. I think you should totally do a 31 days of better photography! I don’t follow the “other” person who is doing that series…but i do follow you. I would adore more tips! thanks michelle!


Yay! SO glad you’re playing along and that you linked up your shots… I LOVE them! Thank you also for your input on the 31 day series; I appreciate that. :)

Now, I bet you’re right on the low angle shot being taken while you’re low looking up… I didn’t even think about that, I just thought about me getting low. I’m glad you asked! :) (I’m learning, too.)


These are nice. I started but never finished mine for the week. :(


LOVE these! I especially think your self portrait is awesome. You look lovely!! I think you did a fabulous job on that. Seriously. It’s great!

My 2nd favorite is a tie between the boys with the clouds and Eli with the puzzle. I just love the reflection on the wood floor. Gorgeous.

I’m having SO much fun with this. Can’t wait to keep going, and do more next month too. Thanks for hosting, and getting me out with my camera more. :)

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