30 Day Photography Challenge – Week 2

by SomeGirl on September 13, 2011 · 6 comments

Alright, it’s the second week of the challenge! Anyone still hanging in there and shooting away? :)

I’ve had SO much fun and have learned some interesting things during this experiment… (I’ll tell you more about that in a couple of weeks).

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Day 8 – A bad habit (It’s clean, but it’s waiting… waiting… waiting to be put away.)

Day 9 – Someone you love (my sweet husband out teaching me about sunflare and backlighting on one of our date nights)

Day 10 – A childhood memory (A friend just gave us a pachinko machine just like the one I had growing up!! What are the chances of that??) :)

Day 11 – Something blue (Quite an appropriate theme for a very blue day in our nation… September 11)

Day 12 – Sunset (I barely made it in time and just snapped a quick photo… But it was LOVELY to see.)

Day 13 – Yourself with 13 things (The boys and I went crazy with ideas during our hour long car ride to therapy this morning… They each drew and drew as we brainstormed a new comic strip series we’ll be presenting around the end of the month called The Adventures of Captain Gratitude – defending the hearts and minds of people around the world! Stay tuned for more information here, on Captain Gratitude’s FB page or his twitter stream.)

Btw, in episode 1 we’ll see Captain Gratitude battle his arch enemy MegaGrumpiness… ;)

Now it’s your turn! I can’t wait to see what you shot! Share your photos in the comment section or link up spot below. :)

Oh, may I ask you a planning question?

I was thinking about doing a 31 Days to More Creative Photos series in October, but started thinking that it might be better to stick with Wednesdays and do the same series, but just introduce one technique a week instead of one a day… what would you like to do?

I sure would appreciate hearing from you as I make this decision for October (or the upcoming months). Thank you!!



Gail Debenport

Hi, yes I have been shooting and am working on a facebook page where I can just put pictures. This is where it all gets confusing to me but our church secretary briefly told me what to do so I will try that.


Yay! I’m glad you’ve been shooting along! I’ll link your shots up as soon as possible. :)


Alright, you’re linked up now! :) Thanks for playing along!


A pachinko machine! Fun! Now, where is my camera? ;)


Yes… get your camera!! Do you know what a pachinko machine is?? If so, how?? That would be fun… Most people I talk to don’t know!


Isn’t it like a pinball machine? Right? I thought it was an oriental version of our pinball machine but… I could be wrong. ;)

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