30 Day Photography Challenge

by SomeGirl on September 2, 2011 · 12 comments

I found this cool 30 Day Photography Challenge the other day from White Peach Photography… I thought it would be fun to do and even more fun to invite you guys to join along.

Over the next few Wednesday’s I’ll be sharing some of my shots and I’ll provide a place for you to share yours, if you’d like. :)  Let the FUN begin!


Thank you whitepeachphoto.com for this great list and the permission to use it!


Consider this a warm up activity for October’s “31 Days to More Creative Photos.”

(Btw, the 31 Day series in October is not set in stone… you can actually vote for what you’d like to see done in October by clicking here: http://www.facebook.com/questions/10150296407874421/?qa_ref=ssp)



Done!!! And I emailed them to you for advice…. :)


Oh, you make me want to go re-shoot my portrait! Can’t wait to link them all up and be inspired by each other! You’ve already given me some neat ideas for the 2nd self portrait at the end. :)


Can’t wait to see your self portrait. It was fun shooting those. Narrowing it down to just a few took FOR-EV-ER though… :)

Crystal Sparks

I think I will join your challenge!!! I don’t have to start till October 1 right!? I have a whole month to prep then ;)

Love you and your blog you are remarkable!


Girl, you are so sweet and I am so undeserving! Thank you. xoxo

So, here’s the deal… This current challenge is informal and on our own with pictures shared on Wednesdays in September if you’d like.

THEN… in October…. I’m going to host a different formal event/challenge titled, “31 Days to More Creative Photos.” Each day I’ll give a new technique and assignment to help us all increase our photographic creativity (I’ll be learning, too.) :)

So, you have a month to prepare for a new list and this list for September is your appetizer… Wow, that sounds confusing, doesn’t it?!

Long story short… Play around with *this* list to get ready for *October’s new list!*

I’m SO glad you are thinking about playing along!

(Btw, I have thought about your words of encouragement spoken to us last weekend SO many times this week! Thank you! YOU are remarkable!)


Ha! You are doing it! I started yesterday, won’t be blogging daily in posts, just adding to a page I made. I’m just having fun with it, not getting technical. I’ll save that for next month and learn at the feet of the master. :-)


That’s the same way I’m doing it… I’ll post some pics or a collage of pics on Wednesdays, but not getting technical. Just getting the photographic juices going for October (and learning my camera). :)

Now, girl, I’m just learning and am NO master… BUT… I am picking my husband’s brain like crazy and had him formulate the list for us. I guess you could say that I’m learning at the feet of the master, and you’re learning at the feet of a “Grasshopper” (do you remember that old show with the kung fu master and his student? “Ahhhh, Grasshopper.”) ;)


“Ahhhh, Grasshopper……” LOVE it!!


I was hoping someone would know what I was talking about. ;)


Sounds like fun. How does it work? Every Wed. is one shot? Or we do our seven for that week on Wed?


7 for that week, but if we want to stay on track to end by 9/30 we need to double up on a day or two (depending upon when you start). This coming Wednesday I’ll be sharing 8 shots (doubled up today so I could be on #4 for the 4th tomorrow). :) Glad you’re joining the FUN!



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