A Call to Prayer

by SomeGirl on January 17, 2012 · 2 comments

Well, I was getting online to write a photography post for today when I saw a headline that drew me in:

Internet Blackout Day on January 18 (Today).

This was news to me, so I went surfing and found an interesting video…


PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.


Interesting, hu?

After watching the video I tweeted back and forth with a few people about whether or not they were going to blackout their sites. One of my sweet online friends had a great reply saying that no she was not going to black out her site, instead she was going to “shine the light in the dark.” (I loved that response!)

I debated what to do – blackout or continue with Photography Wednesday. Soon I decided that internet piracy protection acts probably didn’t have much to do with me, and I had written my congressman already to say I opposed the bill. (Write your congressman here or connect with your senator here)

Then a question came to mind – How long before SOPA turns into censorship of other things? Similar to China’s internet censorship…

I have friends who live in Asia who have to be very careful about what they write online, what spiritual things they share.

Having spent 3 months in Russia as a summer missionary just after the fall of communism (the summer of 1992… which makes me QUITE old to some of you now, doesn’t it?!), I’ve seen first hand the spiritual oppression that comes through censorship and laws against proselytizing (to convert or attempt to convert others).

We’re really not too far away from that kind of governmental control… as much as we’d not like to admit it.

So… while I’m not going to black out my site for the day, I do want to draw your attention to the issue at hand and encourage you to spend some time in prayer for our country.

Let’s not take our freedom for granted.

And while we’re at it, let’s make the most of every opportunity given to us to share the gospel!


(I’ll be back next Wednesday with some helpful photography tips, I promise.)

For some light in the darkness visit my friend’s blog at Mom’s Mustard Seeds. You’ll be glad you did!




I am right there with you….and love your post because I don’t think people truly understand that when we ask for laws to be implemented…we are giving up more freedom. My post tomorrow, is somewhat similar to yours….but, is different. Thank you for stepping out….for sharing that there are people around the world who experience censorship in a way you don’t want to imagine!


Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rebecca! (I could have sworn I replied to your comment the other day, but it’s not showing up here… weird.) Loved your Thursday post about it all, too!

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