A Change of Plans (My First Love)

by SomeGirl on June 15, 2010 · 2 comments

Today I have the privilege of guest posting on a new friend’s blog,  A Bokros Kind of Life. I love when I get to visit other blogs and meet new people!  I had this GREAT post going in my head and was ready to write it out when this happened (and I realized I have an issue that needs rectifying)…

My First Love

Have you ever loved a book so much that you just wanted to read it non-stop and tell everyone about it?? I have twice in my life. Normally I wouldn’t consider myself a reader… that is normally I HATE to read, but twice I’ve had something stir me so deeply within that I couldn’t stop reading and I just wanted everyone to know what I was reading!! The first time was when I was 17…

Read more at A Bokros Kind of Life … Hope to see you over there! ♥ Michelle

I can’t find the photo credit (I downloaded the photo some time ago and forgot where I got it. I’ll post the credit as soon as I find it).



Great post! Such a good reminder for us, too! thanks.


Thanks, my sweet, groovy, cute friend! ♥

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