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by SomeGirl on May 9, 2011 · 8 comments

Have you heard about instagram?  It’s a FUN, easy way to document your life in pictures with your iProducts (and it’s free!). There are neat filters to choose from before sharing your photo to FB, tumbler, twitter, and more… even one that makes your photos look like they came from the 70’s (old-school). :)

I just LOVE using my husband’s phone to document our life like this…

{Thanks for the inspiration, Stacey!}

Counterclockwise from top left: Garage Sale-ing on Saturday, my littlest one on our way to Mimi’s for a Mother’s Day lunch, our neighbor’s Kentucky Derby party, the sweetest gifts I could receive.




You are so cute! The hats, the sweet Mother’s Day gifts! Love it!

{loving the stripes! how fun!}


:) Thanks, Stacey! That was fun to put together and share… you’re a great source of inspiration! xoxo


I just tried Instagram out for the first time last week…..definitely fun!! Love the pics!! :)


Thanks, Rachel! Can’t wait to see your instagrams around places! :)


1. So, do you garage sale alone or with family in tow? interested to hear how other mom’s do g-sales. also, has anyone slowed down with going to g-sales because of gas prices?

2. LOVE the Kentucky Derby party idea. i’m always looking for fun ways to get to know my neighbors and develop relationships with them!


We all go usually, but we just stay in the area. Our city has community garage sales all the time in the spring. Whole neighborhoods get together and host lots of sales… makes it easier on the gas bill. :)

We’ve had lots of fun going to our neighbor’s parties (Chinese New Year, Kentucky Derby) and hosting our own (Chili before trick-or-treating, Soup with Santa, Game Nights)… it is a great way to get to know our neighbors (and their friends)! :)


Love instagram!

So, I was refreshing your site every few minutes the night of the change, but I think I fell asleep. Seeing it for the first time today made me gasp a little – it’s so gorgeous!

Great work, Erin! And great choices, M! :)


Aw, that made me smile and feel all happy inside!! :) Thank you!! I think Erin did an awesome job!! (Of course, I first thought that when I saw YOUR gorgeous blog!!) :)

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