A Garden and Sunflower Maze Update

by SomeGirl on May 14, 2010 · 9 comments

I finally have something to share about our garden and our sunflower maze! I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…

Our onions are coming up!

Our peas are going strong.

The sunflowers from the seeds we planted are now peeking above the weeds.

And, to our surprise, we found wild strawberries growing under the weeds!

Now I’m starting to think we may have made a mistake… So few sunflowers were coming up from our first packet that we decided to go to the store and buy more seeds. The choice was $2 for another small packet or $7 for a HUGE bag of black sunflower seeds for birdfood (I’m talking HUUUUGE!). Of course we went with the bag and we had tons of fun throwing every last seed into our approx 15×30 area for a maze. We figured a good amount of them would come up…

I never thought there would be THOUSANDS of little seedlings under the weeds!! Well, looks like we’ll have plenty of sunflowers after all. ;)

So, what about you?

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If so, what are you growing in it?

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Inadvertent Farmer


the inadvertent farmer

Yeah…sunflowers! Funny that you have thousands, lol! Your garden looks wonderful…I’m going to have to go search to see if our wild strawberries are ripe yet!

Great post! Kim


Wow! Great pictures especially of the strawberry! We have lots of sunflowers here in KS. :D

Rachel Pereira

It’s lookin’ great!! =)




We always had a garden growing up. I can still hear the snap of the beans as we got the ready to put in the canning jars!

Have a great summer!


Can’t wait to see all your sunflowers blooming. They have got to be one of the most cheerful sights ever!


Looks like some beautiful progress!


That’s impressive. I can’t get sunflowers to grow. Only one grew last year. We’ll try again, but I haven’t decided where to put them, yet. The maze sounds like fun.


Thanks for the comments, you guys!! Hopefully they’ll keep growing and I’ll have more to share soon! :)
♥ Michelle

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