A Giveaway to say THANK YOU!

by SomeGirl on April 19, 2010 · 42 comments

Not too long ago I considered registering this blog at a few different sites, but wasn’t able to because I hadn’t met their requirements of having blogged consistently for 3 consecutive months. So, now I’m GLAD to announce that SomeGirl’sWebsite is officially 3 months old! That feels like such an accomplishment to me (and it doesn’t feel like it’s been 3 months)! So, I’m hosting a Giveaway to say THANK YOU!!! If it hadn’t been for your comments and encouragement I probably would have stopped some time ago… so, THANK YOU!!!! I’ve really enjoyed the last 3 months with you and look forward to many more!

Let me tell you a little about this lovely giveaway… My good friend, Michelle with Creative Memories, has offered this GREAT canvas art that is just WONDERFUL for the occasion… I LOVE what is says, “create your best life – live with intent. Intention.” Don’t you just LOVE that!!? In addition, she’s given 2 lovely mini albums that could be used in so many ways. I love some of the ideas she sent when she so graciously offered this giveaway: use the mini albums to hold credit cards, gift cards or preferred shopper cards… use them as little photo albums to send with your children when they’re at school or going to Grandma’s… use them as portable memory verse flip charts… I’m sure you could think of many more WONDERFUL uses, too! And don’t forget that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! These could make lovely gifts, too. :)

So, here’s how it will work… If you’re interested in this GREAT giveaway, just leave a comment below saying you’re interested, and, if you’d like, add how long you’ve been reading (even if it’s your FIRST time)… and if it is, I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Likewise, if you’ve been here longer than that, I hope you know HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR YOU!!!! ♥

So, leave a message, spread the word and I’ll check back at the end of the week to do a random number generator to find the winner. Btw, if the comment numbering system doesn’t number your comment, I’ll go in and give each of your comments a number in the order they were received. :) I hope YOU win!!!

♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

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Check out more GREAT items from Creative Memories here or by clicking the photo below:

Canvas not available at Creative Memories website.


4. Teri Lynne

Oh I love that too! And I’ve been reading you since the UBP … so what is that, a week? :) Love it and enjoying getting to know you on Twitter too!! :)

Some Girl

Thanks, Teri Lynne! Btw, your FB video inspired me to do my own video! (I probably wouldn’t have done it had it not been for yours) :) Thanks! ♥ Michelle

1. Rachel Pereira

I LOVE your blog!! =) I also love this giveaway! =) I’m not sure how long I’ve been reading your blog – maybe 1-2 months!! Have a great Monday!

Some Girl

I’m SO glad you’re here, Rachel! Thanks for being my blogging prayer partner! ♥ Michelle

2. Tammy Ballard Scott

michelle, i love reading your blog! i have been reading since you posted the pic of Falls Creek.

Some Girl

Thanks, Tammy! That means a lot to me! ♥ Michelle

3. Melanie Luker

I have been reading for about a week! I have read as far back as I could see and SO enjoy and relate to your writings and findings! Keep the light shining! Blessings.

Some Girl

I’m SO glad you’re here, Melanie!!! ♥ Michelle

5. Michelle

My 3yo asked if that was him in the picture!

You’ve done an amazing job in a short amount of time! I’m thankful for blogs, and Relevant, and new friends. :)

Some Girl

Thanks, Michelle! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m SO glad we’ve gotten to know each other through our blogs! ♥ Michelle

6. stef

hmmm, photo album as scripture memory flip books. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!

so we’re okay if I steal that – right?! =)


Some Girl

Of course! Steal away!! :) It’s GREAT to see you here, Stef! ♥ Michelle

7. Shell

Hey, look at the comments roll in! How cool. I love this giveaway, wink wink…

Thanks for inspiring me and being such a great friend!

Oh, and if I win, do I get to have Eli come hold up the canvas in my office? I think he’s cuter than it is!

Some Girl

Thanks for the GREAT giveaway, Shell! That was so much FUN! I’m so glad we’re friends and I have something for you… not Eli, but almost as cute! ;)
♥ Michelle

8. JamieAnne

awww. so cute! I love your blog :0)

Some Girl

Thanks, Jamie! I love yours, too!! ♥ Michelle

9. Johnna

Michelle – I’m really enjoying your blog! It’s actually one of the first I’ve followed. I was lead to your blog by my friend Betsy Henry who blogs at Zen Mama. You are both so inspiring. Hope to win the give away but either way – thank you for blogging!

Some Girl

Thanks, Johnna! It’s GREAT to have you here and I’m SO glad to have you following! I look forward to getting to know you! ♥ Michelle

Btw, I’m honored to be put in the same inspiring company as Betsy (ZenMama). Thank you!!

10. Mayhem & Moxie

What a fantastic time to land on your blog! I absolutely adore what you are giving away. This is actually my first visit, but I can’t wait to read more going forward.

Some Girl

I’m glad you stopped by! And I hope to see you here again! ♥ Michelle

11. Farrah

I have only been reading about 1 week, but I love it! It is so refreshing and positive! Thanks, and I love the Intentional canvas! GREAT giveaway!

Some Girl

Thanks, Farrah! I’m SO glad you’re here!! I look forward to getting to know you! ♥ Michelle

12. aplaceforthoughts

Thank you for this great blog, Michelle! You are inspiring and have a great gift with words. I’ve been hanging out here a little while now. ;)

Wishing you continued success! Our blogs started at the same time but I still have so much to learn! Still – I can’t believe it’s been 3+ months!

Some Girl

Thank you! And It’s mutual… you and your words inspires me, too!! I’m glad to know you through our blogs!!! Here’s to many more months of blogging ahead of us! ♥ Michelle

Some Girl

THANKS you guys!! I’ll come back to reply to everyone’s comments after the drawing… and I’ll not number my comment here. :) I’m SO glad you’re all here!!! ♥ Michelle

13. Betsy Henry zen-mama.com

Hi Michelle,
I’ve been reading your blog since I joined twittermoms a few months ago, I think (Since I live in the moment, the past is kinda blurred! :D)

Anyway, I love the fraddle idea and have told many people about it!

Thanks for the great blogs. v

Some Girl

Thanks, Betsy! And let me say… I’m so glad to know you!! You are a true inspiration! Thank you for introducing yourself here a few months ago… I’m SO glad you did!! ♥ Michelle

14. Susan Jones

Michelle…my dear friend! I’ve been reading since day 1 and I love the way you think. I am so blessed to have met you a year ago…God knew just what I needed and His timing has been perfect. Thanks for loving me and my not so perfect family!!! ;0)

Some Girl

I love you, my sweet friend!!! Thanks for loving imperfect me and my imperfect family, too! Thanks for being my friend (and a reader)! :)
♥ Michelle

15. Lisa @ Simplified Saving

I just found your blog today for the first time through your #Relevant10 post on Gather Inspirit. Looking forward to meeting you in October! Congrats on your 3 month anniversary!

Some Girl

Thank you, Lisa! I look forward to meeting you, too! Hope to see you here again! ♥ Michelle

16. Alicia

Would love to win. I’m not a regular reader but have stopped by before to learn more about “fraddling” :)

Some Girl

Stop by anytime! :) I’d love to see you around her again! ♥ Michelle

17. Cali of PassionBird

Ohhh I love this Michelle!! Yay for giveaways! That are quite wonderful :)

Some Girl

Thanks, Cali!! :) ♥ Michelle

18. Gwen

I cannot tell you how much I love your blog and tweets and FB page. I feel like I know you in real life! You have the most graceful and caring spirit. Thanks for sharing your real life with all of us out here in cyber world.

Some Girl

Thank you, Gwen!! That is so stinkin’ sweet!! I’m glad to know you, Girl! ♥ Michelle

19. Heather

Michelle, your blog is so sweet and really comes from the heart. It is evident in your writing that you lay your heart out open to the bloggy world, as well as the real world. I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing weekend with your boys. All three of them :-)

Some Girl

Aw, what kind words… I really appreciate that! Your comments mean a lot to me! Thank you! ♥ Michelle

Oh, hope you guys have a WONDERFUL weekend, too!

20. Kelley

LOVE EVERYTHING about your blog….have told all my girlfriends about you! :)

Some Girl

THANKS, Kelley!! That’s so encouraging to hear!! Thank you!! ♥ Michelle

jennifer handke

I love your blog Michelle. I’m always checking in on ya to see what you and the kids have been up to :)

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