A Great Example To Follow

by SomeGirl on November 1, 2010 · 9 comments

Oh my! We came home to a wonderful treat…

My sweet, sweet friend left a pot of hot chili and a cooler of goodies on our back porch to welcome us home! What a GREAT idea! Thank you, Shell!! Thank you for the delicious dinner, the night off from cooking or fast food and for being such a thoughtful friend!! I feel SO fraddled for!!

And thanks for giving us such a great example to follow! Love you, Girl! ((hugs))


ali @ an ordinary mom

What a blessing!!


Now that is entirely sweet!

Cranberry Morning

What a good friend! Another blessing, huh. :-)


I’m glad you all could enjoy it, and didn’t have to cook or scramble for dinner after travelling all day to get home!

Actually, I think I might have to do this more often for people… :) There is nothing worse than be exhausted and glad to be home, but having to figure out what to feed everyone!

BTW, hope the ‘blood’ from the light saber wasn’t too unappetizing. Boys! ;)


It was great tonight, too! :) And I know I told you already, but the Star Wars pic was a HIT! ;)

Thank you again!! xoxo


Wow, what a thoughtful way to bless someone! Glad you’re all home safe and sound.



Such a thoughtful friend a great example to follw xxx


That is such a blessing! What a thoughtful friend!



Oh how I wish Shell were my friend! You gotta love thoughtful people like that!

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