A Life That Is Real

by SomeGirl on May 12, 2011 · 22 comments

Fraddling Friday… Hmmm…. If only I had done some neat thing for someone this week… Or some great selfless act of service… Or been so loving and kind, thinking of those around me and more importantly those closest to me…

But I can’t say that I did.

It’s been a long, hard week and I’m worn out.

Yesterday I found myself daydreaming about a Pottery Barn life and pictured the families inside the pages of their catalog wondering why mine isn’t looking like that… all cheery and perfect. Why my boys don’t gladly share a bedroom and bathroom with smiles across their faces and joy in their hearts for the unity they share. And then I remembered something…

Those families in those catalogs are not real.

Those people are paid to stand and look perfect. They don’t live with each other day in and day out. They are there for a few hours, looking at a camera. They’re simply not real and the life they portray isn’t either.

What is real?

I’ll tell you what’s real here…

Our beds are almost always unmade. Our rooms have toys laid all about. The dishes are almost always waiting to be loaded or unloaded and the laundry’s rarely completely done.

The boys get cranky with each other and want their own space, yet they name each other as best friends. I get grumpy with the cranky boys, yet I name them as two of my favorite people in the world.

We have blankets draped over a dining table waiting for boys to hide under and shoes piled in a mess outside the door.

I’m nowhere near the perfect mother doing everything lovely and right. I often question the decisions I make and can be found countless times in one day with my eyes closed taking a deep breathe asking the Lord for wisdom.

We love each other. We spend time together (and time apart). We laugh and hug and kiss. We scratch backs and sing songs. We try to do what is right and pleasing to the Lord. We seek to bring God glory and make Him known. We enjoy life.

A picture of our real life would never make it into a Pottery Barn catalog, but I’d take a life that is real over one that is just for show any day!

And this little reminder to enjoy my non-perfect life and to offer myself grace is about all the fraddle I have in me today…


How about you? :)



What a wonderful reminder for all of us moms! Especially this mom who has been especially cranky this week. ;)


You were such a help with this whole crankiness issue… thank you!!

Head Ant

We have happy active children who would be very unhappy with a Pottery Barn life. Thanks for the reminder!


Thanks for that reminder… they wouldn’t be happy with a Pottery Barn life… so true!


Lovely, honest, true for most of us. My sink is full of dishes and I have a large stack of laundry waiting for attention right now. Thanks for the beautiful post.



Thank you, Jamie! You are always so supportive and encouraging… sounds like I’m in good company! :)


Well said!


Thank you, Jennifer! ♥


Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the great comment on Our Florida Bungalow.
I love the idea of the coat hooks and such!! I’ll be out shopping for cute hooks very soon.


Fun! Your place is super cute! GREAT character! :)


Admitting that you have done no great noteworthy fraddling this week – and that it was a rough one – that is fraddle worthy in and of itself. :) God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours. These were good, really good words. Thank you.

PS If I have anything worth pondering I may join in this Thursday :)


You are such a sweet, supportive brother in Christ! Thank you, Craig! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have you join us Thursday!! :)


Yes! I am with you! my house is like yours too-often =)


So glad to know I’m not alone! :) Thanks, Steph! ♥


Sounds like my house. Thanks for reminding me that I have some laundry that needs to be moved from the washer to the dryer ;)


Hahaha… wait, I do, too! ;) lol


Okay, now wait just a minute. This post was written the very same week you spent a long time on the phone with me, not once but TWICE. Giving me advice. Discussing concerns I have about how to love and serve my family while following the nudging to be in this crazy space called the Internet. How to see through the forest of good to the strong tall tree of best.

I am standing on a rooftop shouting “She fraddled me, she fraddled me!”

It’s just this… you fraddle just by being available, being yourself, being the real you that God made. And you did, and you blessed me so.

Thank you.


Awwww, you’re so sweet!! Thank you! (And just when I was considering throwing in the towel on this whole blog thing… weird hormones today.) ;) Thank you!! And now I’m the one standing on the rooftop shouting… (((hugs)))

Peter Price

What a great reminder of what is really important. Our three children have flown our nest now, so all we have is memories of the busy, sometimes frazzling times we had when they were young. Great fraddle to all your readers!
Thanks for this encouraging post – I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it already!



Thank you, Peter! I was hoping it would be fraddle to my readers, knowing they’re not alone. :)

It’s GREAT to have you here; glad you stumbled upon this blog!

Blessings to you, too!


What a perfect post. Beautiful.


Thank you, J.

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