A Little Extra Time

by SomeGirl on August 10, 2011 · 12 comments

There are people in your life who would LOVE to have a little extra time with you. And you could benefit greatly from that time with them!

I pray God will show you who those people are, and that he’ll give you the free time and energy you need to connect with them.

(I’m praying that for myself, too.)


Something I’ve been thinking about as I’ve disconnected from my online life a bit and have been reconnecting with those around me… (hoping to get some special time with other nearby loved ones soon!)




This would be why I have been so absent lately. I was believing the lie that i needed to stay connected, and make my blog bigger, and others as well. My family needs me NOW. :) And friends too.


Good reason to be absent! It’s too easy to believe that lie. May you enjoy your time with your family! ♥


Family is the main thing for me. I love the idea of slowing down.


Hope you have a great weekend of family time before school starts. ♥

Deb Chitwood

Great reminder, Michelle! I loved being able to have some extra family time and trips this summer. Even though time seems to pass so fast, family and friends can’t be replaced.


So true!


Time is such a gift from heaven to be spent wisely. It is truly a currency–once it’s spent, it’s gone. Relationships are the best way to invest it. Thanks Michelle!


What a beautiful way to say that… you have such a way with words, Barbara!


I agree!! Time spent….I am doing that with my mom, sister and neices right now!! Having a great time! :0)


Hope you had a great time together! :)


Agreed! Great reminder, Michelle!


Thanks, J!

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