A Montage of Thoughts (Thought-Provoking Thursday)

by SomeGirl on April 6, 2011 · 8 comments

Too many thoughts have been swirling around in my head and I can’t narrow them down to just one.

Instead of trying to fight it, I’ve given in and decided to make today’s post a montage of thoughts from a very ADHD mind (taken from things we’ve done or seen around here this past week). :)

Hold on, here we go!


I find it very interesting that it takes clouds, dirt and pollution in the sky to make a beautiful sunset. A clear sky doesn’t make much to see… There’s some kind of parable there…

We can plant seeds, water them and protect them by not trampling through where they are, but we can’t make them grow. When we see them start to spring up we can’t help but stare in awe and thank God!

It’s surprisingly fun and relaxing to jump on a trampoline and swing in your 40s. :)

It’s never too early in the year to put on sunscreen. Take my word on it! ;)

A house becomes a home when it’s filled with love and memories.

A mosquito net can save lives (haven’t researched a good organization, but have been thinking about sending some nets). Still can’t believe our missionary friends lost their sweet 16 year old daughter to malaria… seems so unreal to think about.

Going barefoot for a day (intentionally) will change the way you think about shoes and the need to give some away. (see Mamahall’s recent post at http://mamahall.blogspot.com)

“Make your own pizza” night, eating around the coffee table, and playing games together is really fun! (Thanks for the pizza bar suggestion, Betsy!)

I like eating organic, but I also like eating fast food. (Can the two co-exist? Will anyone ever open a fast food restaurant with healthy, organic foods? I’d eat there all the time! And how can honey be labeled “organic”… can the bees be confined to only organically grown flowers?)

(For my friends who saw UP… I’m just a little like the dogs in the movie… SQUIRREL!) ;)

Quality time is a lot of people’s love language. Who do you know that could use a little quality time today?

You never know how your words are going to minister to someone else. Something you say could be JUST what they need to hear!


Just a few of the thoughts that have been running through my head… Aren’t you glad you don’t have to live in there??!! ;)

Btw, Fraddling Fridays will be back next month after we finish walking through Isaiah with my sweet friend, Alicia from Confessions of a Snowflake. Stop back by tomorrow to see what GREAT things she has to share! :)

What about you? What have you been thinking about lately? I’d LOVE to know!



I’m so thankful I’m not the only one with squirrel brain this week!

Love ya!

By Word of Mouth Musings

My post is more one of aggravation mixed with thanks, then tried to bring it back with humor and a the end of it … hoped I didn’t make anyone mad lol

Deb Chitwood

I totally enjoyed your montage, Michelle! Here are just a few thoughts it brought up: jumping on a rebounder is one of my favorite forms of exercise … I’ve been obsessed with sunscreen since my late 20s (and my kids avoided sunburn even as ski racers) … so true about love and memories making a house a home … so sad – there must be a way to send mosquito nets … I could go barefoot every day … we have so many great memories eating pizza together (“make your own pizza” night is a great idea) … totally agree about the healthy, organic fast-food restaurant … quality time is my primary love language … so true that “You never know how your words are going to minister to someone else.” That was fun! Have a great rest of the week – and I hope your shoulder is feeling better! <3


Sorry I couldn’t add your graphic to my post. I was having some issues with blogger this morning.

I like your random thoughts. I never thought about organic honey and organic flowers. You have a definite point there!


I stumbled across your website and Mama Hall’s while checking out a blog posted on FB that turned out to be Sally Clarkson’s, and I’m glad for it! You’ve all been a much-needed encouragement to me. I have recently resurrected my blog here: http://thisbackyard.blogspot.com/2011/04/great-experiment-day-1.html

~Sarah :)

Betsy at Zen Mama

What great random thoughts. It’s like having a great conversation. Love the sunset thought…mixing life’s bad and good together and coming up with something beautiful!! I’m so glad you enjoyed your Pizza Bar! We have it about once every few weeks. We last had it two days ago for my son’s 14th birthday. Everyone was so happy! Looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs this week… hopefully I’ll have the time! :)


Wow, your thoughts are so deep! Mine not so much. :p


Ha ha! Love this! I have so many posts like this that I write and wonder what is the title of this thing, anyway? Glad to know I’m not the only one :)

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