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A New School Year Begins

by SomeGirl on September 8, 2010 · 14 comments

Enrichment classes start today for my oldest one. I’ll take him to “school” then hang out with my littlest one alone. Since the school is in the downtown area, we usually stay in the area and do fun things together like the park, arboretum, zoo, Dollar Tree, Central Market and Target (we both like shopping). Then we pick “Brother” up and get a junior ice cream cone at the corner store (a fun after-school tradition we started last year).

Btw, do you remember my question about what to do with a great school for homeschool families that I worked at in the past… I finally decided to teach 1 hour a week and let the boys go for the normal hours (2 days a week from 9:30-2:30). It will be nice for them and  nice for me. We’re all looking forward to it! And I’m excited that my oldest one will take violin lessons while he’s  there… how cool is that?!  : )

Now, I’m off to pack lunches in cute-little-metal-Star-Wars-lunch-boxes… cream cheese sandwiches on oatnut bread, frozen gogurts, blueberries and carrots in one, apples in the other (and fortune cookies from date night for fun).

What’s in your child’s lunch box? I’d love to get ideas from you! ♥

photo from last year, I’ll get a new  one today.



Praying for a happy day for you all! :)


Thank you, Jessica! ♥


How fun! I like to tuck in a cute little joke or fun fact with the lunch. I find a bunch all at once, and then print them out on address labels so I can just peel and stick in the mornings. I’m not a morning person! Other than that, not too much interesting in the old lunch box….Dino shaped sandwiches are about as wacky as we get. ;)


Dino shaped sandwiches… cute! And those note labels are a GREAT idea!

My dad used to stick comics in my lunchbox… can’t remember if it was the whole page or a strip from the comics.

Oooh, one of those funny tear off calendar pages could be fun, too.

Girl, you’ve started something here! ;) Thank you!


I’m not quite at the lunchbox stage yet but I hope that all goes well this school year. Best wishes with your teaching, too! Keep us posted on how it is going!


Thank you!!

Cranberry Morning

I love this photo! How sweet! There’s nothing like heading off to school with a new backpack and new lunchbox. :-)

So, back in the Dark Ages when I was a kid going to a country school, we walked a mile to our school (uphill both ways, my husband says) and in my lunchbox was a tomato and a hard-boiled egg – along with teeny salt and pepper shakers that looked like mini Morton salt boxes. That was it. No fruit rollups, no Little Debbie.

Methuselah and I like to get together and reminisce. :-)


Hahaha… Judy, you CRACK ME UP!!! :D

Alicia The Snowflake

What a cute picture! Both opportunities sound like good options for your family. I pray you guys have a blessed school year!

And I’m the mean mom. I make my son make his lunch. That is one of the heartwrenching blessings as they get older.

Take care my friend!


Thank you, Alicia! Love that phrase, “heartwrenching blessings” … it’s so true. ♥

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

I love the photo of your sons, Michelle – how sweet! I hope your school year is going great so far! It sounds like you found a good schedule. And I love the way you’re developing special traditions you and your sons with always cherish.

By the way, I received my party favors. I love the gloves, and I’m really enjoying listening to the CD right now! Thanks so much!!


Yay! I’m SO glad you got your party favors and are enjoying them! :)

Thanks for the sweet words! Special little traditions are fun, aren’t they?! :)


OK, the frozen gogurts really intrigued me. So are you saying, you put them in the lunchbox frozen, and they are still okay to eat by lunchtime? (As in still cold, at least…not all gross and nasty?) This is obviously a rhetorical question, because I know you would not put them in there otherwise. I just want to hear more about this. ;)


Yes! Brilliant idea, hu?! ;) I stuck a cold pack in with them and they were still COLD after 4 hours of being out of the fridge… Hooray! I’ve never done that before, but thought it was worth a try. :)

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