A Random Thought From A Refreshed Mind

by SomeGirl on June 27, 2011 · 10 comments

Let me tell ya’, I feel SO much better after catching up on my sleep!! I even had enough energy to clean out the garage this weekend!

(And fold laundry, and do dishes, and read books, and play games…) If you haven’t caught up on your sleep yet, I’d HIGHLY recommend it! :)

Btw, that before picture was after a day’s worth of cleaning and 5 car loads of donations. It was CRAZY in there!



Eryn {mamahall}

aaah sweet sleep! your garage looks great. next time you’re feeling well-rested, come on over and let’s see what you can do with my garage! ;) or just come over and hang out with me, that would be fun, too!


Ooh, that would be fun! (the hanging out part) ;) lol


I love having my summers off and playing stay at home mom! I am feeling so rested and loving spending time with my guys. Been avoiding any deep cleaning tho…


I bet your guys love it, too! :)

Sarah Vaughan

Wow, you even found a kid under all that pile!


Hahaha…. That made me laugh! :)

Christine- Fruit in Season

Well that’s awesome! Everyone once in a while I go to bed at 8 to catch up. Now that I think about it, I haven’t in a while… Hmmmmm…


:) Makin’ you think and it’s not even Thursday. ;)


HHhmm…. I am thinking you need to stop by my house. I loooooooathe laundry.

Any tips for catching up on sleep living with a four month old and her two year old brother??


Um, yeah, I could never show a picture of my garage in it’s current state. Just couldn’t. My little guy started rice cereal 3 nights ago so hopefully that means more sleep at night soon for me! {fingers crossed}

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