A Sacrifice for Those in Need

by SomeGirl on February 22, 2012 · 7 comments

After last weekend’s Mom Heart conference…

And some great mom encouragement from Sally Clarkson and others, with some of my sweet friends…

And a few fries from In-N-Out…

I made a trip to get my last McDonald’s coke for awhile…


This week’s Love Challenge is to give up sodas, tea, coffee… all beverages. And drink only WATER all week long.

(Eating like normal)

Then with the money saved from not purchasing drinks, make a donation to an organization that provides clean drinking water to those in need.

And every time you wish you had something else to drink, pray for the families of the 6,000 people (mostly children) who die each day from the lack of clean drinking water. Each day.

Pray also for those still living and waiting for clean drinking water to come to their area.

Would you please join us in this week’s Love Challenge?

Something to think about.

(More on the Mom Heart conference coming soon!)



It is amazing how much money we spend on sodas, coffee, tea, etc. without really even thinking about it. Your love challenge is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!


Oooh! I love this challenge because right now I’m in the middle of organizing my church/preschool’s team for Water Mission International’s annual Walk for Water. We are fortunate to have this amazing organization headquartered in our town – check it out if you are looking for a Christian clean water organization. They reach so many! http://www.watermissions.org

Laurie Collett

What a great idea! There are so many ways to pare extras out of our budget to use the money saved on those who need it so much more.
Love in Him,

Kara @ Just1Step

That challenge sounds SO painful to me!! Wow I’m a wuss. I’d probably donate the money and still get my drinks…they kind of motivate me to get through my work day. Very awesome idea though…I’m impressed at your dedication.

Hazel Moon

This is an excellent project. I give monthly to Samaritan’s purse and one of their outreaches is providing water. I know there are other reputable ministries also . Did I miss the one that you had in mind?


Having been to Zambia and seen what their water sources look like, this is so important! Thank you for doing this!

Robert J. Gerryts

Great challenge. I have to leave earlier than normal for work everyday this week and was planning on “running through the drive through”. I think I’m gonna change my mind. Better go do some breakfast prep now instead of later.


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