A Shift of Focus (Saturday Snapshots)

by SomeGirl on February 5, 2011 · 9 comments

Do you ever have the feeling that your prayers aren’t being heard? Like the ceiling is stopping your prayers from rising to the ears of God?

I’ll be honest, I did just yesterday.

All day long I had this haunting feeling… a feeling like something was wrong… like there was a disconnect between God and me.

At one point in the day I even questioned my relationship with my Father.

Then I went to bed and hung out talking with my husband about this issue, or as a friend of ours likes to call things like this, “My condition.”

Through our discussion I came to realize what my problem has been…

I am usually (not always, but usually) pretty passionate about the Lord and bringing Him glory, but this week I haven’t been.

His word and his name haven’t been on my tongue much at all.

Instead I’ve had a new passion… one that I’ve told you guys about, my family about, my friends that I’ve seen about… nearly everyone I’ve spoken with this week I’ve shared passionately about…


Now, please don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with photography (although some religious sects might believe there is… the whole graven images thing, but not me).

There’s nothing wrong with what I’ve done or shared. Nothing wrong with not being “spiritual” on this blog…

It just hasn’t felt right, like I briefly forsake my first love for my new love (I don’t like that feeling).

And as soon as I came to that realization and confessed it with my mouth, the haunting feelings vanished! And the ceiling opened back up!

You see, I had a shift of focus and it needed to be shifted back (funny, that makes me think of a photography technique that would make a good illustration… Maybe a thought-provoking Thursday?).

Thanks be to God that we, as believers, have the Holy Spirit living in us, actively working in our lives to direct us in God’s ways!

I don’t need to give up my new found interest, I just need to change something… instead of being so focused on the art form or the creation (photo), turn my focus to The One who gives me eyes to see and good gifts to capture with the lens.

(Ok, that settles it, I am definitely writing a “shift of focus: spiritual lesson through photography” thought-provoking Thursday post… consider this the intro) ;)

So, with all that said, and with my newly fixed mind on God and His glory, I’m going to share the post I had written before “my condition” to link up with Ali’s Saturday Snapshots at An Ordinary Mom.

And I pray (with an open ceiling) that God be glorified in whatever way He chooses through the sharing of these photos. He has given me such good gifts and I am SO thankful to be able to capture them on film, uh, smart card. ;)

Thank you SO much for listening!


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)


This is what I woke up to yesterday… in TEXAS! (This is crazy, btw… Our 4th day of ice/snow on the ground… crazy!)

And THIS is what I walked out to after a wonderful Will Blog For Kids (Blog Talk Radio) interview with my sweet friend, Stacey from 29 Lincoln Avenue. (You can listen to the recording here)

After the snowball fight (which, for the most part, I observed through the camera and behind trees, like the one in the last picture)

We did like any good Southerner would do on a true snow day (not ice or sleet, but snow day)

We made snow angels…

and a snowman…

(a *little* snowman)


Our Texas bodies aren’t used to this much COLD (unless it’s coming out of an air conditioner in the middle of the 100 degree summers)! ;)

Now, before you get the wrong impression and think we’ve been out making great use of the snow that’s been sent our way, I need to let you know that, yes, we’ve spent a *few* hours out there…

but MOST of our time has been spent like this…

Keeping our Southern bodies warm (and enjoying the snow from a distance… a nice, warm distance.) ;)

That last part was especially for you, Shell! xoxo



LOL…. You’re never going to let me forget that “Not on your life!” comment, are ya? But I am enjoying from a nice warm distance! And next year, I’m buying some warm boots like yours….

And I like your shift of focus too, btw. XoX0


Hahaha! I was actually referring to the “we didn’t do this alot, don’t get the wrong impression part” being for you… but NO! I am never going to let you forget it! ;) lol

Target, baby! $15?


I’m glad Our Lord met you were you were with this. To talk to hubs, and God – that is where answers lie. no?

Happy “open ceiling” day.

And thank you for this.

God Bless and Keep You
and Yours


Thank you, Craig! :)

ali @ an ordinary mom

I love the little snowman! :-)

Great pics of the family enjoying something so rare and special for y’all!

And your thoughts on focus- powerful, really, great food for thought!


Thanks, Ali! It was fun to link up with you; I’ll try to do it more! :)

Valerie Sassi

Dear Michelle (SomeGirl),
Hi, my name is Valerie. While brainstorming and flipping through the web for inspiration and ideas on naming my new photo website and business, I happened on your blog. Well, we both know things don’t just “happen”. :)
As I read I got the strangest feeling that God was pointing me in this direction. “A Shift in Focus”… wow! I have been praying about and working on ways to use my talents as a photographer to glorify the Lord, and when I began reading about your experience I was more than inspired; I felt peace.
I absolutely have shared your feelings of not being able to get through the ceiling, and have many times replaced the first chair in my life (Christ) with my love for taking photos. And that has hampered my prayer life and my relationship with Him.

I absolutely love this:

‘Thanks be to God that we, as believers, have the Holy Spirit living in us, actively working in our lives to direct us in God’s ways!
I don’t need to give up my new found interest, I just need to change something… instead of being so focused on the art form or the creation (photo), turn my focus to The One who gives me eyes to see and good gifts to capture with the lens.’

I love your photos! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your heart!

Your new found friend in Christ,
(and in the gifts and talents he’s given us to bring purpose to our lives, and direction in serving Him)
Blessings, Valerie Sassi


Valerie, my sweet new friend, thank you! I’m sorry it’s taken me awhile to reply… I think about your sweet note often, but have been struggling with pain when I type so I’ve been limiting my blogging time to posts only. (Praise be to God I’m better now and can start to spend more time replying to comments!)

I am SO glad God guided you here… it’s always so encouraging to meet other like-minded sisters and to know you’re not alone in your struggles!

May God be glorified through your new business and website. I’d LOVE to see it when you’re done!

With LOTS of love,


Valerie Sassi

Hi Michelle :) I was so glad to hear from you!! I hope you are feeling well today. Well, I’ve put it together and here is my new website; Shift-the-Focus-Photography.com
I’m still working on adding features to it, but basically it’s up and running! Seeing the name of my business each and every time I work on my photography or some aspect of it reminds me of the fact that without God none of it would be possible… and that God should always come first in all areas of my life! Such a blessing!!
Hope to hear from you soon.
Love and blessings, Valerie

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