A Simple Question for Thought-Provoking Thursday

by SomeGirl on January 4, 2012 · 13 comments

Here’s a simple question I have often asked myself….

Will what I am worrying about (or spending so much of my attention on) matter ten years from now?

Something to think about.

Bet you wouldn’t believe how much time I spent working on (worrying about) these three sentences… Think I need to start asking that question of myself again. ;)



Oh My Heart, my grandmother used to ask me that question and I had completely forgotten that somehow…Thank you for jogging that memory in me. I, too, think I need to start asking myself that again! ;)

Kim Van Brunt

Such a good, timely question for me. A distance of 10 years is difficult to imagine, so sometimes I’ll just go one year out, and the answer is often the same. Thanks for making me think tonight.

Living the Balanced Life

I promise I did not see your question until I came here to post my post! Great minds think alike!


Great minds… Love that we were both thinking the same thoughts! You expounded upon the idea very nicely! Wish I had more energy to do the same… I only had enough energy today to ask the question. Hopefully everyone will go to your post and get the bigger picture! :) http://livingthebalancedlife.com/2012/who-makes-the-rules/


That is such a good question – and it’s one that I apply daily {sigh.}

Cranberry Morning

Right now counts forever. It’s better to look into the future and determine what we SHOULD be concerned about now, rather than getting stuck on insignificant trivialities that take way too much of our attention. Have a blessed day, Michelle!


Thanks for this inspirational link up – some great stories here!

Michelle@Special Mom Space

A good question to ponder. Worrying is actually a sin. God saids many times through the Bible not to do so. Therefore, when I catch myself even going there, I think on or try to find a promise in God’s word concerning the situation. Then, confess that to keep worry at bay. Besides, worrying can’t change one bit of a situation. All it does is lead to illness.

Betsy at Zen Mama

I often pose that question with a year from now. If we all could trust that, we’d be in great shape!

Deb Chitwood

Great reminder, Michelle! It’s amazing how easy it is to lose perspective. I hope you’re having a wonderful 2012! :)

Hazel Moon

Worry and fretting will not change anything, it will only cause us to be sad (and depressed.) Praise and worship will change things and cause us to rejoice!


I sure hope not. Because I really don’t want to be worrying about the same thing for 10 years. How boring! Here’s hoping I have some brand NEW things to worry about. I’m just kidding. Sort of. ;)

Happy New Year, Michelle!


I am working really hard from several different directions so the answer to that question is no. But sometimes the work is so painful.

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