About Fraddle

My youngest son came into where I was working the other day carrying his Fishing Rod And Dinosaur (FRAD) ready to go on an adventure. His cute little 2 year old arms joyfully clinging to his treasures inspired this blog. I, personally, have no interest in Fishing Rods And Dinosaurs, but because I love him and he loves them, I gladly go fishing and play on the floor… and that act I now call “fraddle.”



Maxine Gonzalez

Thanks for your comment and visit to my blog. YES I so am looking forward to meeting you at RELEVANT!! It won’t come soon enough for me!! BLESSINGS to YOU!!


Hi Maxine! I’m super embarrassed that I just found your comment here… don’t know how that happened…

It was great to have you stop by and I can’t wait to meet you!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Mother’s Day! ♥ Michelle

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