All The Married Ladies

by SomeGirl on July 15, 2010 · 28 comments

All the married ladies (all the married ladies), all the married  ladies (all the married ladies) oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh

Yesterday I read a GREAT post that REALLY got me thinking! Amy at Girlfriends Get Real wrote about her position as helper to her husband, through an early morning study of Genesis 2:18. She wrote:

“I am created to be his helper. But lately in the passing moments of lunchtime and suppertime I don’t feel like I am helping him at all as he eats and goes back to work to finish all that needs to be done.”

Through her morning study she makes a mental list of the ways she was created to be her husband’s helper and shares them with us. The one that REALLY stood out to me (and stuck to my thoughts like super glue) is this one:

  • I can help him by providing him with love and intimacy that he can only get from me.

What a thought! My husband only really gets love and intimacy from ME. I get love and intimacy all over the place. I get and give hugs and kisses on the cheeks to half my friends. I have at least 4 dear friends that we end many phone calls with “I love you.” And in those phone calls or visits we usually have deep, heart felt discussions. My boys are hugged and  cuddled in my lap many, many times during the day. But my husband… he doesn’t have all of that. He has time in the evening with the boys, which usually involves boy stuff like wrestling, playing cars or video games, but other than that his day is not filled with the same level of love and intimacy as mine (or the boys’ for that matter). Granted, our husbands probably don’t need as much love and intimacy as us girls, but they still have a need for it. And we were created to meet that need. Only us, their wives. And for my husband… only ME. That’s something to think about…

I can help him by providing him with love and intimacy that he can only get from ME.

TCBOTBPlease go check out the other ways Amy notes that we were created to be our husband’s helper, at Girlfriends Get Real. I know you’ll be glad you did!

So, it turns out this isn’t international week after all… it’s Link to Other GREAT Blogs week! Maybe I’ll carry the theme on to tomorrow’s Fraddling Friday and fraddle for some of my favorites! ♥ Hope to see you then!



all the married ladies… hahaha!

thanks for making me laugh and giving me something to think about today!

love m :)


Hehehe… love to make you laugh (and think)!! ;) lol


Great post for Thought Provoking Thursday! I’ll have to check out Amy’s blog sometime soon. This is making me think about a few different things and maybe a couple of questions. But I can’t seem to formulate them now. Might have to come back and comment later. Did you happen to talk to your husband about this? If so, what was his reaction to this thought?


No, but right after I read her post he was leaving the house and we said bye like normal, then I stopped went over to him and gave him an intimate hug with some intimate words (to fill him up on his way out) and he LOVED it! Btw, I changed the wording from “he can only get from me” to “he only really gets from me”… there are other sources, but we’re the primary source. Plus, my mind’s not working too well without my morning coke. ;) Send more questions/comments when you get them! Hopefully my mind will be working then… going gradually like you suggested. :) ♥ Michelle


Ok, just went upstairs and talked with him… :) He read the post and agreed, but added that he doesn’t need as much as me. Then thanked me for the post and for giving him the love and intimacy he does need. {aww}


Great post! I love all of the blogs that encourage us women to be the wives God wants us to be!


We need all the encouragement we can get, don’t we?! :) Thanks, Lisa!


I love Amy! Thanks for pointing us to this great post!


Yours was GREAT, too Cherie! I was going to link to it to, but I wanted to narrow my focus… for anyone else reading check out another GREAT post on our husband’s needs .




and AMEN!!


Now, let’s go fraddle with our husbands! ;) lol

{can I say that here?}


I to was left thinking yesterday after reading this same post. I spent time telling my husband how much i apperciate him, i also send him random texts telling him how much i love him, what a great dad he is to. My girls are known to text their daddy with out of the blue i love yous xxx


hahaha… I bet lots of husbands out there yesterday were saying, “what’s going on with you?” after we read Amy’s post! ;) (In a good way, of course!)


I really like what I read here today. Gives me something to ponder. Thanks!


Thanks, Cheryl! I like to give things to ponder… especially on Thursdays (Thought Provoking Thursday). Glad you’re here today! ♥ Michelle


You are right! Aww! That is great that your husband can have conversations with you about such things. Many men just zone. Went to a drive thru earlier and ordered a coke. Thought of you!


:) I got a Coke with lunch and now I filled my McDonald’s cup with a mixed berry flavored water dietary supplement to “feel like” I’m sipping on a Coke…. while hoping to help cut the craving! ;)

It is nice to be able to have open conversations with my husband… I am thankful for that!

(Can I just say I love our conversations!! And I always die to say your name! I just might have to give you a fun nickname so I don’t have to call you Place… hmmm… how about Jellybean?) ;) Thanks, Jellybean! xoxo ♥ Michelle


Love our conversations, too! Ha! Jellybean! I’ve been trying to decide whether I’m going to start using my first name or not. You can call me whatever you’d like! ;) Hugs!


Amen! I am the one and only person to provide intimacy to my husband. I know that if I lack in this area, our Enemy is ready and waiting with sly foxes (some foxy ladies) more than willing to tempt my husband. Let’s protect our marriages and be the one and only intimacy giver. Proverbs tells us those women are out there. Don’t let your guard down and think that they are not or not your man. Pray, pray, pray and be sure you love, love, love your man.

Have you said, “Hello, Handsome!” to your hubby today?


Yeah, that was in the back of my mind, too. Thank you for voicing it! I had left that part off to narrow our focus, but it needs to be thought about, too! Thanks, Deborah! It’s GREAT to have you join in the discussion! ♥ Michelle

Btw, I like to call my husband “handsome” often, but sometimes he tells me he needs me to “show” him that I think he’s handsome (if you know what I mean?). ;) {blush}


Loved this post, and the original too! Thanks!


Wasn’t Amy’s GREAT?! I miss you!! :)


As always, excellent point. That’s the greatest thing about marriage – being each other’s “one and only” – which isn’t something to be taken for granted. (And when I saw the “all the married ladies” line show up on my blogger Dashboard, I was thinking, oh she did not…wait, she DID…and I LOVE it! hahaha)


Hahaha… your comment made me smile! I was driving in the car with my husband taking a quick peek on his phone and he wondered what I was smiling about… Oh no she didn’t!! ;) hahaha

Cranberry Morning

Excellent post. That is so true!


Thanks, Judy! ♥ Michelle


Food for thought and an area in which I have been weak of late, thank you.

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