Shhhhhh… We Don’t Talk About Alligators.

by SomeGirl on March 25, 2010 · 19 comments

Tommy Nelson, in his Song of Solomon study, tells a story of a person visiting a village on the bank of a river (the following is a paraphrase as I remember the story going). As he is guided around the village he begins to notice people missing limbs, scarred from deep wounds, crippled and hurt. The visitor notices a young girl by the river in great despair and bleeding. He asks, “What happened to her?” One of the members of the village replies in the quietest, hushed voice, “Shhhhhh… it’s alligators (we don’t talk about alligators).” And so they went on with women, men and children living, working and playing by the river… walking among those who were visibly maimed and scarred with chunks bitten out of them, never talking about…shhhh…(alligators).

And we do the same with…shhhh…(s-e-x).

Something to think about on this Thought Provoking Thursday.

Here’s a video summary of Tommy Nelson’s Song of Solomon Series:

Where did this post come from, you wonder? I was at a play area where I overheard my children and some others talking… they were splitting teams up by boys and girls. My littlest one explained to the girls that he was a boy because he had a (fill in textbook term for his private part). I went over to remind him that “we don’t talk about private parts in public places.” Before I could get to him, one of the little girls had scurried over to me to let me know that my “little boy in the red shirt said a BAD word!!!” I said, “Well, it’s not a bad word, just a private word.” And then I started formulating this post. ;)

John, I haven’t forgotten your post suggestion… I’m still working it out.

Download a FREE podcast of Tommy Nelson’s Song of Solomon study here. Thanks for the tip, Dawn!

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” And so they went on with women, men and children living, working and playing by the river… walking among those who were visibly maimed and scarred with chunks bitten out of them, never talking about”

Maybe you have already hit on it nicely.Our ability to forget and our lack of ability to show compassion. Our collective fondness for protecting our own self interests at the expense of others. Would that the world was peopled by more like you Michelle.

Some Girl

Interesting. I hadn’t even thought about that, but I can see it… (the wheels are turning more and more). Thanks for the sweet words! Now I’m having a hard time finishing this reply because my mind is tied up with thoughts about the post to come! lol


I haven’t watched the video yet, but you’re right. We do.

The story about your son is too funny! We call it what it is around here, but Joey’s rarely notices anything down there. :)

Some Girl

The series is AWESOME. The video is just small pieces from each session. I’d HIGHLY recommend the whole series! :)

Girl, just wait ’til Joey gets a little older… it’s a built in toy! I really DON’T understand!!! (I actually just got a FB message from a girlfriend with one around the same age as mine telling me a funny private part story… boys!) I’ll be here for you when it starts and you say, “WHAT IS GOING ON!?” ;)


That is a great thought “private word not a bad word”!! I know my wife and I don’t have kids yet but when we do…I will keep this little lesson in mind! :) Thanks for the post about the unspoken things :)

Some Girl

Another thought to keep in mind about words for kids is that some words are “older words” not “bad words.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard preachers and teachers use the word “stupid” in front of children when so many parents (me included) have taught their children that it’s a “bad” word… now I tell them that it’s an “older” word and they don’t need to use it until they know how to use it without hurting others. What do you think? I’m full of weird stuff like that. ;)


Great post, Michelle! I’m going to have to check out more of the Song of Solomon series!

Some Girl

I think you’ll LOVE it! :)


Definitely food for thought – thanks for sharing this!


Some Girl

Glad to do it! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment… I hope you’ll be back! ♥ Michelle


I have always wanted to do this study by Tommy Nelson. We are watching a series right now by Mark Gungor and he is talking about the Song of Solomon. It is so interesting and so good. I know my husband and I would learn a lot from this one from Tommy Nelson. This is a great post!

Some Girl

Thanks, Amy! It’s great to have you here! (and thanks for taking the time to comment) I hadn’t heard of Mark Gungor so I just googled him and saw his Men’s Brain Women’s Brain stand up… it’s hilarious (and so true)! Would you suggest his study?

Some Girl

BTW, I love your blog… I added it to my blogroll just recently. ♥ Michelle

Mia Rossi

I’ve never heard of this series!! I’m gonna check it out. We’ve been thinking about hosting a couples group at our house & covering some topics like sex, porn, purity, etc. This might just be the video series we’ve been looking for! Thanks so much.

Some Girl

I first heard it at a Singles Bible Study led by Tommy (Metro). It was great for singles… I haven’t heard it since I’ve been married, so I don’t know how it would be for a couples group… I’m sure there’s somewhere to find out. He’s at Denton Bible Church. I’m sure they’d be able to tell you how it would work. :)

Cali of PassionBird

I’m posting late on this one but I just saw it & had to comment! I remember when you told me about this story last year & it completely changed my views on, you know, the s-e-x situation. I love that you wrote about this Michelle :)

Some Girl

Thanks, Cali! ♥ I love our talks! :)


I love, love, LOVE Tommy Nelson’s Song of Solomon series. My husband and I have gone through the DVDs, and both have the entire series podcast on our iPods. We recommend it to ALL of the high school students who come to one of us to talk about relationships (we’re youth group parents). But we don’t talk about alligators. Shh! Everyone should know that you can download the whole series audio on Denton Bible Church’s podcast site. :)

Some Girl

Great mention, thanks Dawn! I think I’ll put a link in the post to the free download. :)

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