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An Overdue Post

by SomeGirl on August 9, 2010 · 5 comments

Remember when I tried to repair the leak in one of our toilets? I mentioned that “I got all my tools (and my camera to document the change-out and blog about it later) and started to work on our 50 year old toilet. I took it all apart with lots of prayer (I’m going to blog about that soon for sure)”…  BUT I hadn’t taken the time to blog about it yet (life gets busy, doesn’t it?). Funny though, I was working on a guest post for a friend and kept trying and trying to write it, but nothing would “stick.” I’d start a few lines and delete… start again and delete… over and over again. Finally I decided to go to sleep and tackle it in the morning. It was weird though, because normally I just write and it sticks (although I edit about 100 times). ;)  The next morning I woke up and went to take a shower (my best place to think and listen). While I was there the song, “Not by might… Not by power” popped into my head and I sensed God reminding me of what had happened while repairing the toilet and I knew that was what I was supposed to share as a guest post at Confessions of a Snowflake… Not By Might, Not By Power I would LOVE to have you visit me there! :)

Btw, I’ve been so busy the past week and a half that I haven’t been a good blog visitor or commenter… I’m back to my normal self this week and we’re not busy at all, so I’ll be hoppin’ around like crazy! Can’t wait to catch up on you! ♥ Michelle

If you’re visiting from Confessions of a Snowflake, I’m SO glad you’re here! Please feel free to look around and make yourself at home!



Heading over there to read the rest!


Thanks, Natalie! And thanks for leaving a comment on your way! ♥ Michelle


Congrats on another guest post! I’ll head over momentarily! ;)


You’re SO sweet to me!! xoxo


Awesome post! I left you a comment over there…


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