An Update and an Offer (for anyone who likes to tweet)

by SomeGirl on July 23, 2012 · 17 comments

It’s been awfully quiet here on the blog, but life’s been nothing like that. School starts for my oldest a week from tomorrow… in JULY, believe it or not!?

But, I’m so excited about his new project-based school that I don’t mind. (And it’s way too HOT here in August to do anything fun outside, so he might as well be in the air conditioning learning fun stuff.) ;)

So, here’s a bit of what’s new…

The e-book I told you about the other day (written by Michelle Acker,  Heather Smith, and myself), BE FREE: A 14-Day Challenge of Food Discovery is set to be released the 1st week of August… which is right around the corner!

My oldest son’s last bit of sensory processing therapy (cognitive therapy with Learning RX) is past the halfway point!

And the Mamas Write mini-conference for bloggers (that I’m co-hosting with some other WONDERFUL gals on August 25th in Arlington, TX) is coming together quite well.

We actually had a planning meeting today and took a video to let you have a peek into the fun learning and inspiration that lies ahead of us.

Here’s Heather, Kristin, Eryn, Michelle, and Me to tell you what’s in store and…

why YOU would be so glad you came to Mamas Write (no matter where you live – it’s not just for DFW area bloggers, and it’s totally worth MUCH more than the $40 ticket price)!



Oh, let me add… I am going to be so busy at the conference that I’m not going to be able to tweet all of the great nuggets of wisdom from the conference like I normally do.

Would anyone like to volunteer to be my designated tweeter at the conference?

I have been given official permission to sponsor someone to come tweet for me… would YOU like to do that?

Ticket, breakfast, lunch, fellowship, and LOTS of great information included are FREE with the offer.

Just let me know in the comment area below and include your twitter handle.

You’d be tweeting from my account, btw. Thanks!


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)


Michelle@Special Mom Space

wow I really wish I could be your tweeter. Unfortunately, I can’t travel at this time. I have the BlogHer conference coming up to prepare for and then work in general is keeping me busy.

I wish you the best though.


Fun! Hope you have a great time at the BlogHer conference! Wish you could be here, too. Hopefully we’ll get to meet one day. :)


I would love to be your tweeter, guess that means I would need to dust off my twitter acct and start practicing tweeting again… ;)
Sounds like fun!!!


I’ll email you this week! Save the date… :)


How fun!! Oh, I so wish I wasn’t all the way on the East Coast!!


I wish you were closer!


I am looking into this. Wanted to join you – Will be praying about the airfare and hotel.


I’d love to have you join us! Any answers on the airfare and hotel?


Girl………….you know I am the one!!! I am the tweeter extraordinaire!!! Not one hour before seeing your post I asked hubby if we could take a 13 hour road trip. Just need to get hotel for Fri, Sat, and maybe Sun and he would have to be able to get a couple days vacation! Seriously going to decide this week! I would love to come to my second home state for a few days and be with my girls!!! Love you all,



Oh, I hope you’re coming!!

John Ford

You continue to amaze and inspire Michelle!


You’re so sweet, John… thank you! Btw, I run into people all of the time who remind me of you. Of course, they’re the nicest people. ;) And probably the reason I often have flower dreams where it’s the last day before a wedding and I forgot to put my flower order in, so I go freaking out to you asking for help and whatever flowers you have… lol


I’d love to opportunity to put my twitter handle (@wellroundedhome) in the hat to represent as your designated tweeter. I’m a relatively new blogger (one year anniversary in August…woot-woot!) and a first-time Mama’s Write attendee which means I’ll be soaking up nuggets of wisdom left and right. This mama loves to share so I hope you’ll let me burn up my iPad keyboard for you during the conference.


Just a heads up…I went to your twitter page using the link from your bio on the Mama’s Write site but I found someone with a potty mouth and no picture and figured it could not be you. :) I came back to your site to get the real handle.


Oh no… going to change that right now… Thank you! I’ll get back to you soon on the tweeting. :)


OK, I’ll be the impatient one to ask. ha-ha! Just wanted to check and see if your designated tweeter for Mamas Write had been selected.


Oops… I totally forgot to get back to you. I have someone for my account, but could use someone to tweet from the mamaswrite account. Want to be that designated tweeter? :)

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