God’s Approving Love

by SomeGirl on April 25, 2012 · 15 comments


If I can care so much about chicks, and pups, and little boys that run amok…



If I can see that God created them for a purpose and that He loves them with an all-encompassing love.

Accepted just as they are.

Knowing that God looks upon them and smiles.

Then I have to scratch my head and wonder why a little tea bag tag like this…



with the words “approve of yourself” written across the bottom, could be so hard to read and swallow?

If you’re with me, I pray that today will be a life-changing day.

One where the knowledge of God’s approval sinks way down deep into the core of our being.

May we rest in His approving love!


Something to think (and pray) about.


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)


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I approve of you! <3 it's so hard to love ourselves.


Awww… {hugs!} I love you, Amy! It’s is so hard, isn’t it? Praying God will let us see our worth in Him.

Jacque @ Mercy Found Me

“a life-changing day…one where the knowledge of God’s approval sinks way down deep into the core of our being.” YES! Waaaay down deep and soaked right through! Have an amazing day, my friend :)


I KNOW. I can embrace the calling and purpose for my children, my friends… but it is so hard to embrace it for myself!

Praying for all of us, friend!


Is it because we know our sin and find it hard to truly accept his forgiveness when we bow the knee…that we don’t think we should ‘approve’? I often ponder that.


Oh. Beautiful post. BEAUTIFUL prayer. I need this too.

Thank you friend. You bless me in so many ways. I am forever grateful for our neighbor-friend-ship. *hugs*


A beautiful reminder this morning Michelle. But I also have to comment on those adorable pics of the dog and chicks. So fun!


Good to see you on a Thursday again! :) YAY!


Thanks, Jill! It’s good to be back! :)

Paula Strong

I have been dealing with this so much this week. I feel so unworthy of his love. He did so much for us and it seems like sin is lurking everywhere!

Cranberry Morning

Paula, you feel unworthy of his love because we ARE unworthy of His love. And that’s the amazing thing. That even ‘while we were yet sinners’ Christ died for us! Praise God! We no longer have to live in guilt, fear, and shame, but can bask in Christ’s love and hope and FREEDOM. :-)


I totally forgot to come back reply to your comment. But I have been praying for you off and on all weekend… I love you, Paula! And God loves you SO much more!!

Cranberry Morning

…approval…and only because of what Jesus has done. When our trust is in Him alone, God sees us through Jesus’ righteousness. What an awesome thing!

I miss you. I realized that without GFC connecting us, I wasn’t getting to your website. I had to track you down! :-)


Thank you all for the comments! I’m working on replying a few at a time… :)




You are such a beautiful person, Michelle. I so understand your reaction to reading this teabag. Prayers for you. Always. I’m signing out of this email for now but promise I will be back VERY soon to catch up on the rest of the posts!

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