Are you finding it hard to be patient, loving and kind?

by SomeGirl on June 22, 2011 · 17 comments

It is all to easy to be cranky and grumpy when you are tired – to lose patience with those around you.

And very hard to love intentionally, to do things for and with the ones you love, when you are exhausted.


(this is TOTALLY written to me, but hopefully it will help someone else)

For the love of your spouse, your children, your friends and those around you… get some rest!

Go to bed at a decent hour and catch up on your sleep!

You’ll be much more enjoyable to be around and able to handle the stress of life much more easily, if you do.

Consider it a little fraddle for yourself and for those you love.

Something I’ve been thinking about (and am going to do tonight!).





I hear ya girlfriend! I’m so not nice to be around when I am tired!


good night! :)


Good night, back to you (a few days later)! :)


It’s as true for us as it is for our kids…. :)

Have a great night’s sleep.



Yes, it is! Thank you. Btw, we are all much better now. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys tomorrow!


I made some sort of mistake in my link up. :( I’m too sleepy to try and figure it out tonight. Michelle, can you delete it and I’ll try again tomorrow.


Fixed it for you! (Although, I think you already know that) :)

Glad to have you link up! xoxo

Cranberry Morning

That’s such an important reminder, and also should make us more patient with young mothers who are up all night with wee ones.


True. And now I’m thinking we could start to ask people that seem grumpy if they’ve had enough rest lately… ;)


It’s so true, it’s hard to function without enough sleep. I’m a Nana and it’s important for us too. My sisters and I have a new blog—I’m linking up today for the first time.


SO glad you linked up, Ann. Your blog looks very nice! :)


Great reminder to take care of ourselves. Did you get some extra sleep last night?


I did! And I’ve been going to sleep on time since. I feel SO much better because of it. :) Thanks for asking! :) (Are you able to get much sleep these days?)


Not too bad. Little guy still gets up once a night to nurse. BUT he just started rice cereal tonight so…maybe that will change soon. :)

Glad you are feeling good from getting some well deserved rest!


Rice cereal should make a difference… hoping it works some magic for you! ;)


I think as we get older we get more patient. I know I have. When I’m 90 I’ll just sit and rock and not worry about a thing.


I totally thought about you yesterday as I had lunch with an older lady who said she has become less patient as she has gotten older… Here’s hoping we both go in your direction. Sitting and rocking with no worries sounds nice! ;)

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