August Birthdays and The Week Ahead

by SomeGirl on August 15, 2011 · 9 comments

So, I’m curious… did you spend a little extra time with anyone special over the weekend?

I had a wonderful time at my mother-and-father-in-love’s house for Sunday lunch celebrating all of our family’s August birthdays (including mine which is coming soon). :)

I really enjoy my time with them and particularly enjoy my time with “the girls” and chatting with my sweet sister-in-love who always spurs me on toward love and good deeds. (Thank you, Karen and Janie!)

I also took the opportunity to call some of my dear friends who live a little further away. It was a joy to catch up with them (something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now)!

What about you? I’d LOVE to hear about your extra time with loved one’s in the comment section below. :)


Btw, would you like a sneak peek at the week ahead here on SomeGirl’s website?? :)

Wednesday I’m here to share some (hopefully) helpful photography tips, Thursday has some interesting thoughts to provoke, and Friday we’ll have some great blogging tips gathered from expert bloggers to help you get your own blog up and running.

What an EXCITING week! I hope you can make it back for all or some of the FUN! :)


Cranberry Morning

Aren’t August birthdays wonderful! I had one too, and spent a great week with our daughters, one who came from Texas and the other (with husband and little Henry) who came from Indiana. So wonderful to have family around. Looks like you had a great time too.


Happy Birthday, Judy! Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. I bet your daughter from Texas enjoyed the break from the heat. :) Btw, you just made me SO hungry on your blog! Yum…

Betsy at Zen Mama

We’ve been away a lot this summer, too. So this weekend we spent Saturday night with my family and Sunday’s with Johns’s. It was really to catch up and connect!


It’s always nice to catch up and connect, isn’t it? Hope you’ve had a great first week of school!


Last week I was thinking about the fact that your birthday was coming up. What do you plan to do for your actual special day? Glad you had time with family. I called a cousin last night that lives too far away. We were able to catch up for a few. I’ve also been trying to spend extra time with my grandmother. Something I always do but with the little ones schedule my visit just seems to last an hour and a half or so before I leave so the actual visits seem shorter. But I worry so that the older one will destroy something in her home when I’m nursing or something so I just head home instead.

I think I’m caught up! :)


It’s so nice to catch up with you! It won’t be long before your stays at our grandmother’s are able to be longer… time flies, as you know. :) I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my birthday bash (and now I’m another year older… gasp!). ;) I don’t have any plans yet. At our house the birthday person gets to choose everything they do on their special day and I like to go with the flow and do whatever strikes my fancy… definitely a lot of eating out! :)


Go with the flow sounds good! If I remember correctly we are both virgos. (28th for you? or am I off by a day or two?)


What a good memory! Yes. But I’m embarrassed because I can’t remember what day yours is… please remind me? :)


I have this thing with numbers AND important dates. I can still remember my grandmother’s home phone number from when I was in grade school even though it changed when I was in middle. I’m the 5th of Sept.

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