“Be in Texas in September.”

by SomeGirl on July 17, 2015 · 2 comments

Let’s see, where was I? Oh yes, the boys had just finished the last few weeks of the year at their new school…

In the time that we realized our older son needed a new form of education and while we hunted, prayed, and had them switch, our little town of Keller, Texas started to boom. People were moving in like crazy and the real estate market was sky rocketing. Being the entrepreneurs that we are (and after spending several weeks of driving nearly an hour each way to drop off and pick up from school – where we knew our older son would need at least another year) we entertained the idea of jumping on the market and making a nice profit on the sale of our house.

At the same time, as many of you know from the past, our little family of four LOVES to travel! We developed this wonderfully exciting idea… what if we did a few things to bring our house to top-notch standards, found an inexpensive townhome near the new school, and then took a year out in-between school years to TRAVEL THE NATION?! Very quickly we found the cutest little townhome on an old pecan orchard. It had just been flipped and was remodeled to look almost exactly like a smaller (half-size) version of the home we had loved and were thinking about selling. Along with a few other buyers (since the market was that hot) we made an offer the first day it listed and won the bid. Immediately we began construction on our home with the hopes of being done and listed by early June (sold by July – it was moving that fast) and on the road, with the townhome as our base (and future residence for a following year of Key School).

Well, as often happens in life, “we” set a great plan, but God directed our course in a different direction… Construction took longer than expected (that probably doesn’t surprise anyone, right?). By the end of June/beginning of July we were ready to list our house. After 5 or 6 of the LONGEST weeks I’ve probably ever experienced, we had an offer on our house. By the time our negotiating and their examination was over it was time for school to start. We were not set to close until the end of October which was going to put a big hiccup in our traveling plans since we wanted to be back home for the fall/winter holidays. So, we decided to go ahead and enroll our oldest in the Key School and homeschool our youngest with the help of a lovely university-style co-op. We could always take the second half of the year off and go out and about right?

Hmmm… “we could I guess, but the boys have already been through half a year and would benefit from finishing out the rest of the year”… and the “school ends just a few months after Christmas break.”

So… we decided to wait and finish out the year. But “while we wait we’ll find a great RV for our travels!”

Long story short, the school year ended very well for the boys, but no matter what my husband and I did to find a great RV for our travels the doors closed and opportunities fell through.


In that time of hunting for RVs, planning our year-long Civil War History roadschooling tour, and praying about what is best for our boys as far as schooling goes – somewhere around April – I woke up in middle of the night (as had become common the few days or weeks ahead of this night). Normally I would wake up and think and pray about what to do and go back to sleep. This time was weird. I woke up droggy and made my way to the bathroom without hardly opening my eyes or awakening my mind. Then, as clear as a loudspeaker in my head, I hear what some people call “God whispering His thoughts to yours” but it wasn’t a whisper it was a firm, loud command that simply said, “Be in Texas in September.” (The punctuation probably should have an exclamation point, but I’ll leave it as a period – a strong, sharp period.)

The next morning I told my husband about “the message” and something to the effect of, “I don’t know what we’re going to do with our travels and schooling, but we need to ‘be in Texas in September!’” Thankfully he didn’t think I was crazy and decided to entertain the idea.

Of course our mind started to turn over different scenarios about what was going to happen in that coming month… we still often wonder about September. We wonder even more after a teacher at the homeschool co-op asked us if we were ready and excited about our Civil War adventure?! As I told her the story of our shortened trip due to the whole “Be in Texas in September” message, she replied, “Ooh, that gives me chills. Have you heard all the stuff people are saying about September??” (I hadn’t until then. Have you?)

Be back soon to tell how I’ve come to understand that my plea of “Here I am send me!” has been answered with a whispered, “this is where I’ve sent you, now I want you to stay.”




You left us hanging!! ;) Seriously, you don’t know how much I enjoy reading your life stories again!! Oh! And I have no clue about what people are saying about September! Should I google it?


You’re SO sweet, Rachel! Thank you. Yes, I’d encourage looking up September 2015… there is some crazy stuff out there, but some that makes you really start to think!

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