Boy Heaven (a nearly wordless Wed)

by SomeGirl on July 20, 2010 · 24 comments

Look at where you get to go when your mommy has energy (yesterday)…

…Boy Heaven!

(aka The Lego Store)

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Welcome! I’m SO glad you’re here!! ♥



Stopping by from Seeds of Faith. I love what I see here! I have 2 boys, ages 12 and 5, both of whom love legos, as evidenced by all the little pieces I find in every room of the house! They are great toys – my mom kept the ones my 4 brothers played with and now her grandchildren use them.


Hi Charity! That’s great that your mom kept the Legos your brothers played with… what a great thing for her grandchildren. :) I look forward to stopping by your blog soon and to getting know you! ♥ Michelle


Boy heaven looks fun! :)


It was fun (even for me)! :)


Oh, what fun! My son would love to go to a Lego store. :D


Before we had one I contemplated making a road trip just to go to the Mall of America (just for the Lego store)… crazy, hu?! ;)

Congrats on being highlighted at Seeds of Faith! I’ll head over to your blog tonight… but I’ll eat first! ;)


We were thinking about going to boy heaven next week. Wanna go? (assuming these aren’t too recent pics….)


We went yesterday, but we could be talked in to going next week, too. ;)


Oh, yes it is! My boys were just talking about how they “need” to go again soon to get some special items from the brick wall :)


Yeah, there are lots of things my boys “need” at the Lego store… but, fortunately, they don’t know that we can just go in and buy things; they think it’s just a “tell your mom what you want for your birthday or Christmas” store. ;) lol


Oh WOW! I wish we had one of those to fill these long, hot summer days!


Seriously! It’s WAY TOO HOT to do anything outside! Yuck. Come visit ours (and us)! :)

Larri @ Seams Inspired

Found you at iFellowship and am enjoying reading your posts.

I only wish we had a Lego store nearby. My boys are 12 and 10 and still dearly love their Legos! Thanks for sharing. Happy Wednesday! :)


Hi Larri! It’s GREAT to have you here today… hope you’ll come back! I’ll go visit you at your blog this evening. :) Funny how boys never seem to outgrow their Legos (my husband seems to enjoy them as much as my boys). ;)


My kids went to a Lego store in The Mall of America last week (I think it was a store). Sounds like your kids had a ball there.

Visiting from iFellowship!


Oooh…. I’ve wanted to go to the Mall of America for SO LONG!! Did you go?? Was it super cool??

It’s GREAT to see you again this week! I’ll stop by your blog to say, “Hi!” tonight! ♥ Michelle

Cranberry Morning

You’re gonna have these kids running to their beds at 6 PM with HUGE EXPECTATIONS of their ‘energized’ mommy the following day.

Be careful. This might backfire. :-D
What cute, cute kids!


Yeah, you’ve got a good point! But going to the Lego Store takes… SOOO… much… energy… I really have to save it up for things like that! ;) ;)


Btw, nothing was purchased- just looked at, admired and added to the birthday/Christmas list. :)

Cranberry Morning

It was truly a terrific idea! I wish I’d known about that one when my kids were little. :-) So clever!


Even though I have four girls this place still looks SUPER FUN!


Yeah, I have to admit, even I LOVE it (a grown girl). ;)


You are the coolest Mommy EVER! The LEGO store is little boy heaven for sure. ;)


Aw thanks, Sue!! ♥ Michelle

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