Break My Heart

by SomeGirl on May 2, 2012 · 8 comments

Broken Heart

Praying God will break my heart for what breaks His.


It’s a scary prayer to pray, but will you join me?


Something to think about.

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ali @ an ordinary mom

That’s one of those dangerous prayers. You know the ones, like “Please, Lord, teach me to be patient…”
Your post made me think of that “Give me Your eyes for just one second” song. I get choked up every time I hear that chorus…


That is definitely a dangerous prayer….but, I do know this..having had a self-broken heart…he heals them beautifully…for his glory!

Eryn {mamahall}

yes! i pray a dangerous prayer to see situations, things, and people the way God sees them.


Ugh….scary, scary, scary. But I’m tired of going through life not feeling much of anything because I’m afraid of the pain.


Yes, Lord break my heart for what breaks Yours.


Ouch…I’m afraid we {meaning me} don’t pray this often enough.

Ashley O

I’ve been asking for God to let me see people the way that He sees them!! It is scary and heartbreaking… especially when you get a glimpse of what he feels. I’ve shed many tears over this very prayer!! I agree with Deanna. I don’t think this is something that is prayed often enough!!


Praying the same thing!! and for eyes to see people the way He sees them, especially the hard to love ones.

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