Can I Just Say I’m Bummed?

by SomeGirl on June 26, 2010 · 22 comments

Well, I was SO looking forward to our weekend… I wrote the post about going blueberry picking the night before so we could just WAKE UP and GO! (imagine child excited to go to an amusement park like Six Flags) and then we (my husband, oldest son and I) woke up with a bad head-cold virus (and something else I won’t mention). So, we didn’t go camping or blueberry picking… we’re going to try to go tomorrow to a farm closer to us, but we might have to put it off for awhile. I feel a little like that child whose been looking forward to going to Six Flags for so long and gets sick the night before and can’t go… but, “it is what it is” and it looks like we’re all getting better already. And I’m glad we found out before we went and didn’t get sick there (or get anyone else sick there).

See you guys Monday! ♥ Michelle

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Aw, so sorry :(. Hope you’re all better soon!


Thanks, Natalie! It seems like we’re on the mend… *blowingnose* (haha- I wrote that for fun and then really had to.) lol


Hope you all feel better really soon.


Thanks, Kristen! (I miss seeing you!)


Miss you too. I’ll see you Tuesday night for sure.

Cranberry Morning

I’m eating frozen blueberries with my yogurt – in honor of your postponed blueberry picking. :-)


Oooh… that sounds good! :)

Rachel Pereira

I hope y’all feel better soon!! That’s no fun!! :(


Thanks for the sympathy, sweet friend!! ♥


oh no. so sorry! hope you get some good rest tonight.


Thanks, Lara! Hopefully the nap I took today won’t throw my sleep schedule off too much. :)

Btw, have you heard Jim Gaffigan’s “Ketchup” stand-up? It’s funny and I think you’d appreciate it after your post. :)


Ooops… I meant to link to it.

ali @ an ordinary mom

Yes, you can totally say that you’re bummed… what a bummer! Being sick is no fun at all, and missing out on amusement parks (even if they’re really just berry farms) makes it even less fun…

I do hope you get to/got to go on a make-up berry picking trip!


Thanks, Ali!

Hopefully I’ll have some fun blueberry picking photos to share like your CUTE strawberry picking ones… LOVE them!

We’re trying for tomorrow, but we’ll see…

Thanks for taking the time to comment (and for understanding)! :)

♥ Michelle


Huge bummer! I’m glad you’re all starting to feel better though!


Thanks, Shell! Btw, did you see that our “frog” tadpole died? We took tons of photos of him and then came back later and he was dead. Poor little guy. :(


That is a bummer! I hope you guys feel better and get to go soon!


Thanks, Colleen! We are better and got to go today. (yay!) :) Thanks for your well wishes! ♥ Michelle


It’s awful when the whole fam gets sick. You sure have a great attitude about it, though.

BTW, thanks for commenting earlier…you’re right, it must be a conspiracy! ;) The toys are at McD’s?? Ugh!



Oooh…. I LOVE a good conspiracy! ;)

It IS awful when the whole family gets sick… thankfully we’re all much better now! :)

Hope your weekend has been good (and your little guys nightmares are better).

♥ Michelle


hilarious! thanks for sharing the link!


sorry, meant to reply to your comment.

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