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by SomeGirl on August 8, 2011 · 12 comments

I can’t believe it’s only been a week since we came home from our road trip… It feels like FOREVER ago. (I also can’t believe how many photos I took and how far behind I am in sharing them here. I’m going to try to squeeze them all into this post and be done with them.) :)

You may notice that our trip took a different turn than we originally planned… We made an executive decision in Seattle and cut Oshkosh out of our plans in order to spend more time in a few other places. So, we cut down from Calgary toward Colorado, then home. We hope to make it to Oshkosh another time, but we’re glad we made the decision to take things a little easier.

So, here’s the rest of our trip… fast style. :)

On our way from Jasper to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada…

(the Texas of Canada… I didn’t get pictures of the oil pumps that were scattered around)

The mall in Edmonton (5th largest in the world)…

The sky was lovely in Canada! The following pictures are untouched!

Leaving Canada, making our way through Montana and Eastern Idaho… (notice the top left sign – if you’re looking for wisdom, look up!) :)

We enjoyed a stop at Jackson Hole, Wyoming…

And at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs with cousins.

Then we made our way home on our oldest one’s 9th birthday… Enjoying a stop in Amarillo with a college friend of mine (and a few cans of spray paint, leaving our mark at Cadillac Ranch).

And enjoying the scenery of West Texas…

(ok, I was teasing on that last note… West Texas was pretty boring to look at!) ;)

To think we thought Wyoming was boring…

Now…. I’m on to new things.

Just started reading this:

Can’t wait to share what I glean from it!

Thanks for hanging in there with all my vacation photos! I may or may not make it back for photography Wednesday this week, but I definitely plan on starting that back up next week!



That close to a moose! Oh my goodness! It makes me want to go read If You Give a Moose a Muffin. :)

I’ve loved seeing the pictures throughout your trip. God has some beautiful creation!

Eryn {mamahall}

GORGEOUS photos, my friend. Thanks for letting us peek in on your adventures! I just know you & your family made the most wonderful memories. :)


Wow, what an educational fun trip for the kids! Way to go, Michelle!


What a fun trip, although that is ALOT of driving!! Beautiful photos!


Love the pictures.

Stefanie Brown

The shots your shared are absolutely STUNNING! What an amazing vacation you were blessed to have.


Welcome home! We (Tony and I) have both enjoyed your trip pictures! With living on the East Coast, it would be a dream to take such an amazing trip! It was great to read your stories and see your photo’s!! Thank you :)

You are reading my very very favorite book! I think I have read it at least 5 times, underlined, high lighted, and marked pages! Each time I read it, I learn something new.


I love this! Such beautiful photos. I’m from Amarillo, so it was fun to see your kids contributing to the local graffiti. :). Thanks for sharing with us!


First, great pics!
Second, Oshkosh is the town of my birth! I only lived there until I was 4.
Third, Grace Based Parenting is my FAVORITE parenting book. I read it for the first time (yes, I re-read it every couple years) about 6 or 7 years ago. It helped me so much! I highly recommend it!

Deb Chitwood

You were in Colorado Springs … I wish I could have seen you! But it looks like you had relatives here. Garden of the Gods is one of our favorite places. Thanks for sharing your awesome trip with us! :)


Such BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! Love them (yes, even the Texas ones). Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Grace Based Parenting!


Fabulous adventure you had! What a memory to last a lifetime huh?

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