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Can I Ask You for a Little Fashion Help?

by SomeGirl on October 1, 2010 · 43 comments

You know I’ve mentioned going to a NEAT christian blogger conference in October, right?

Well, I got this CRAZY idea to ask someone to sponsor my wardrobe and can you believe someone said YES!??

A GREAT company, Soft Surroundings, with LOVELY modest and fashionable women’s clothing has SO GENEROUSLY offered to give me an outfit or two to wear around The Relevant Conference in Hershey, PA in less than 3 weeks!

Now I have the FUN, but difficult, task of choosing the outfits… the more I look, the more I LOVE! I’m having a hard time choosing!

I thought it might be fun to ask you guys, my sweet readers, to help me choose (and nice to give a little shout out to my kind wardrobe sponsor, Soft Surroundings).

What do you think? Would you mind? :)

Some of my favorites tops so far are:




But the Dharma Tunic, Silk Pasha Cardigan, Better Than Basic Tee, and Valencia Top are GREAT, too!

Then there are these LOVELY sweaters:


TELLURIDE TOPPER (in black or taupe)


And I also like the West Saxon Sweater, Montreux Sweater, Country Weekend Sweater!

There are some NICE dresses (just one pictured, but a link to more):


And BEAUTIFUL, flowing skirts (a good number of them):


Not to mention FANTASTIC boots and shoes (LOVE the boots particularly… don’t know if they’d be included or not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? ;) )!


There are just SO MANY wonderful choices, it’s SO hard to choose! Do you have any suggestions? Any items you like that I didn’t mention? I’d REALLY appreciate your help! ♥ Thank you!! ♥ Michelle

BTW, we had a GREAT show yesterday on Will Blog For Kids – Blog Talk Radio! If you get a chance to listen I think you’ll REALLY enjoy what Taryn and Betsy have to say! I know I did!! (length 1 hr 30 min.)



What a great idea, Michelle. You will be stylin’! Can’t wait to see you there :) I love those long sweaters and the Arielle skirt. I am seriously tempted with that one. I have a long torso and hate having my back stick out, plus pants are so restrictive for me, especially if I want to dance. Long skirts are where it’s AT!


I can’t wait to see you, too! :) I’m with you on the restrictive pants and long torso… skirts are definitely a win in my book! Thank you so much for your input! ((HUGS))


That’s great and congrats! I think my favorite is the Rosette Cardigan – it’s so classy


Classy is nice and ALWAYS in style! Thank you for your input!! :)


You are soooo lucky and your going to look wonderful.
the florentine topper is a must! It looks good on everyone and you can wear it with pants, skirts,dresses.

love the sarina shirt too.Ruffles are big this year!!


Oooh, I wish you were here to help me with fashion everyday!! I think those two will probably be on my final list… but what will look good with a black cardigan with SUPER cute flowers? That’s the real question?! ;)

Thanks for your help! ♥


The first outfit is fab! Love the Sarina, Gabrielle and Florentine pieces you’ve got pictured here. The Paris nights skirt is pretty great too. With all those stunning clothes to pick from, I’m sure you’ll pick something great!
Can’t wait to see you!!
traci xoxo


Yeah, I love the first one, too – it’s what drew me to their site to begin with! And the Paris nights skirt is a pretty one! So many great choices, right?! Thanks for your vote of confidence (and your input)!! :)


Oops! Forgot to say that I can’t wait to see you, too!! It’s coming SO soon!! Yay!! :D

Amy @ MomsToolbox

LOVE the 3/4 sleeve little wrap dress for a hot date with my husband!
Those clothes are great.. all of them! What a fantastic dilemma to have! :)


Isn’t that one SO pretty??! I loved it as soon as I saw it! It is a nice dilemma to have, for sure! Thanks for helping me! Hopefully I can return the favor one of these days! :)


Are you kidding?! I am just as lost as you!! Take it all! ;-) LOL Love that Arielle skirt. Their boots are fabulous too!! Are you going to let us know or are you going to wait for the “big reveal” at Relevant?! :))


Oooh, if I could only take it all!! Wouldn’t that be GREAT?! (I’d share, of course) ;)

A “big reveal” is a GREAT idea… just might do that. Thanks for the idea!! :)

Shondra Walker

I absolutely love the rosette cardigan and wrap dress. The boots are nice too…I’d definitely ask for those. :)

Have fun at the conference. I’d love to be able to go one of these years.


Thank you for your input, Shondra!! I hope you’re able to go to the next one… I’d LOVE to meet you in person!! :)


Oh how fun! Ask and you shall receive! So I like:

The Florentine Sweater with the denim leggins – you could wear that type of sweater even in TX – not too hot, and definitely layerable (sp?)

I also love the color of the Gabrielle top. Oh and the Serena as well!

Let me know what you choose!


Oooh, love the idea of denim leggings! And that’s totally what I need… what to wear with what advice (and probably, more importantly, what not to wear with what)! I had NO IDEA where to begin matching pieces together… you’ve given me a GREAT start! Thank you, Stacey!! xoxo (19 days!!)

April Robins

Definitely like the TELLURIDE TOPPER and the SHERPA CONVERTIBLE BOOT, both warm looking for PA nights. Think you would look good in the 3/4 SLEEVE LITTLE WRAP DRESS if there is a dinner to attend.


Thanks, Mom! :)


Hey there :-) I set up a meet and greet for people going to Relevant. Come check it out and find your name.



GREAT idea! I’ll go check it out! :)


I vote for blue flattering flyaway and green skirt! And the boots, of course.


I keep coming back to the flattering flyaway, but then get drawn to something else… and I agree, definitely need to ask for the boots (just hope they say yes)! ;)

Thanks for you help! xoxo


Here are some of my faves:
The City Sweater…love the buttons
Original Perfect Stretch jean…like the flare
Bombay Skirt….pretty pattern
East Coast Dress….Love the 3/4 length sleeves – perfect for fall
But you will look wonderful in any of their stuff!! So pretty!!


Aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you! I’m going to check those out right now… I haven’t seen the jeans yet, but they sound great! Can’t wait to see you in just over 2 weeks!!! :)

Betsy Henry

You’re so lucky! I’ll have to try that sometime!

I love the rosette sweater, the Telluride Topper and the flowing skirt outfit! Can’t wait to hear what you chose.


Yes! You could get book tours/conferences sponsored! (I’m dreaming big for you.) :)

I’m glad you mentioned the Telluride Topper… I was leaning toward it but not many people had mentioned it so i started to wonder… looks nice and cozy, doesn’t it?

Man, I had no idea it would be so hard to choose! Thanks for your input!! :)


I like the Sarina Suede shirt, Gabrielle shirt and the Montreux sweater. I didn’t look at the boots. I can’t wear long skirts like those so I had a hard time choosing one. Can’t wait to hear what you picked!

Was out of town yesterday and have a busy Sunday but am looking forward to listening to Friday’s show tonight with a cup of tea…


Thank you, J! I really liked the Montreux sweater, too! Thanks for taking the time to help me and for listening to the show (even if we were putting you to sleep)! hehe (you know I”m just teasing, right? Glad you enjoyed it! And glad to have you as a friend!)


Wow! These clothes are awesome! You are so lucky, and I’m so jealous, a) because you’re going to be going to the Relevant Conference and b) because you’re going to be stylin’ when you do. ;-)

Okay…here are my choices for you:
1) Sarina Suede Shirt
2) Country Weekend Sweater
3) Definitely the boots!!!

Enjoy. You’ll look beautiful in whichever clothes you pick out!


Oh, I wish you were coming!! I’d let you borrow some clothes! ;) Maybe next year?? :)

I think the Sarina suede shirt is definitely winning the “reader’s choice” award. And I loved the country weekend sweater, too! Thanks for your help (and sweet words)!! ♥


LOVE the Telluride Topper!

Thanks for introducing me to this awesome clothing line. It looks like the women who designed the clothes are REAL women, not women trying to dress like girls! Can’t wait to check out their site and maybe make a few buys!


I totally agree! I found them through a search for modest women’s clothing… (didn’t even know that was a category before my search began), and I LOVE their clothes/style!

Thanks for taking the time to help!! :) {HUGS}

Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Oh my!!! I am drooling. You can NOT go wrong with any of these, but speaking of the fashion trends for fall – the long sweaters and tall boots are on my top five. Plus, you can easily find an inexpensive shirt to go under them, so I’d personally skip the shirt and go for one of the amazing sweaters. Those are GORGEOUS, and total statement pieces in themselves!! WOWZA!


GREAT tips, Jen! Thank you!! xoxo


I can totally see you in the dress you posted! I also like the rosette cardigan.


Thank you so much for chiming in, Judy! That means a lot to me! :)


Thank you for all your help!! I chose my outfits last night with a lot of help from you guys and a friend on the phone. :) I can’t wait to show you what I chose!! :)


Oh my word!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their clothes! Gorgeous – feminine – to die for! I’ve never heard of them but I am headed to their site right after I finish this comment.

How fun is this? I am so excited for you – truthfully I like every single picture – you just cannot go wrong here – so have at it and enjoy the blessing!!! Now I’m really excited to see you!!!

(by the way, I saw you already made your choice – but I’ll add my two cents just for fun…if I was choosing I’d go for the sweaters – I love all three they are very versatile and you could get a lot of wear out of them by mixing and matching! I also love the boots – I will definately be sporting boots at Relevant )

Much Love,


OH my word – I am laughing – I just looked above and saw Jen’s comment – she said the exact same thing that I said – the sweaters and boots – now that is too funny!!! I honestly did not see what she had written! lol!


Haha!! GREAT minds, right?! Thank you SO much for your input!! I sent my request yesterday, but found out the sweaters I wanted wouldn’t be in stock until after Relevant (bummer!). But the good news is, as you pointed out earlier, there are SO many good choices I had a lot of beautiful options to fall back on. :) Thank you again for your input and for your shout out on Soft Surroundings’ FB page! Can’t wait to see you in less than 2 weeks!!! :)

♥ Michelle

martha brady

i’m so jealous. why didn’t i think of that? i have learned so much from all the people who have gotten sponsorships this year. wow! the clothes are beautiful! i can’t wait to see them on you at relevant…oh yes, and to meet you:) another texan.


*blush* I can’t wait to show everyone what I got and to meet you, too!! What part of Texas?? I’m in the DFW area. :)

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