Celebrating 8 Years of Life

by SomeGirl on August 3, 2010 · 25 comments

Thought I’d share some photos from our oldest one’s 8th Birthday Party this weekend. Hope you enjoy them! :)

Decorating the Cake

My son did all of the cake decorating. The whipped cream didn’t turn out the way we thought it would, but it tasted good! And notice the “dead guy” in the middle… true “boy” cake. ;)

Lego Building Contest

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Lego building portion of the party! I was surprised by how “into it” they were.  And the children LOVED the awards! I used all of the categories you suggested so everyone received at least 2 awards for their work. Thank you! Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of our “Prettiest” and “Roundest” award winning Lego creation with a horse and flowers… it was very pretty!

By Special Request…

we had Mac and Cheese Pizza from CiCi’s on Star Wars plates and Hugs with crazy straws,

a Lego pinata with pull strings (my oldest isn’t a fan of busting pinatas),

and sparkling candles that really did shoot off sparks and even re-lit themselves (it was fun to watch).

We ended our celebration with opening presents (which to no surprise, but TONS of JOY, consisted of many Lego building kits).

What a wonderful celebration of our oldest one’s 8th birthday… thanks for being a part of it! And thank you, God, for giving us our sweet boy!


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

Btw, have you heard Our Story?

Oh, almost forgot… what Birthday celebration in Texas is complete without a Sombrero, awkward moment,  free dessert and a song? ;)



Haha!! Loved the “awkward moment”!! =) I’m seriously cracking up right now..anyway, what a fun party !! Loved the cake and the pinata!! Great job!


LOL… I laugh everytime I watch the video! Thanks for enjoying it with me!! :)


How exciting & it looks like everyone had a great time!


Thanks, Jessica! It seemed like everyone really enjoyed themselves. :) Hope Kayla’s arm is doing well! ♥ Michelle


Aw, how wonderful, Michelle! My boys would have loved that party. Wish your sweetie a Happy Birthday for me!


Thanks, Natalie! Wish we lived close enough for our boys to play Legos together… wouldn’t that be fun?! :)


Yes! So much fun!!! I forgot to mention that I clicked over to read your story. It was so beautiful! Left a comment there.

girlgetsreal (steph)

Looks like a wonderful party by the looks of the smiles. The pinata is great!


Thanks, Steph! The pinata was fun to make. :) I was glad to still have something to make since my son took over cake decorating this year. ;)

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now

Your party looked GREAT, Michelle! Everyone seemed to have so much fun – and I loved all your creative ideas (the Lego pinata is wonderful!).

I read your family’s story. What a wonderful thing you and your husband did – and what a beautiful way to make a family!


Thanks, Deb!! You really do warm my heart!! ♥ Michelle


I love that cake. I had a big smile looking at it thinking of my boys!


Boys are fun, aren’t they?! Who would have known we’d smile so much over Legos as moms of boys? :) It’s GREAT to see you here, btw! ♥ Michelle


What fun! It looks like an awesome party! Glad to hear it went well!


Thanks, Sherry! Hope you had a great dinner out tonight! (How fun that we know your dinner plans for the week! :) )

If anyone’s curious, Sherry shares GREAT recipes at her blog… here’s this week’s menu: http://www.lamp-unto-my-feet.com/2010/08/menu-plan-monday-august-2nd-8th.html


Thank you for the kind comment and link! WE had a great night out with our church family.


What great pictures! Love the dead guy on the cake! Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet little man! (Your house is beautiful, by the way)


Yeah, doesn’t every little boy’s cake need a dead guy?! ;) lol (I never would have thought of that!) Thank you for the sweet comment! I wish you lived close enough, I’d invite you over!! :)

Cranberry Morning

How fun!! The pics are great. Don’t you just love that age!! Looks like a great party and a good time had by all. :-)

Like that cake.


It *is* a fun age! I love the playfulness, thoughtfulness, humor and maturity that are all starting to bloom well! Thanks for taking the time to comment, btw! Your words always bring a smile to my face!! ♥ Michelle

stef layton

my 7yr old would FLIP OUT if he saw that party! (unfortunately you forgot my main man chewy – what’s up with that??? =)


Man, what’s up with that??!! How could I forget your crush? ;)


What a fun birthday!!!


Thanks, Monica! :)


Don’t know how I missed this post! The pictures are great. Such a fun party!!

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