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by SomeGirl on November 27, 2010 · 10 comments

Update: Everything’s back to normal here!

Well, I went and made all kinds of mistakes this weekend… my old theme is messed up and for some reason the sidebar isn’t showing in the right place on The Front Page of any of my theme options… not to mention I changed privacy settings on my beloved FB page and no one can leave comments anymore (even though I’ve changed everything back and worked with FB support on the issue).

So, I’ve installed a new theme (which is TOTALLY different than my old theme… I’m in some weird mood, I guess). ;)

And I’m including a button here for my wardrobe sponsor from Relevant (since I agreed to have their button in my sidebar until the end of the year but have no sidebar now). Btw, I get compliments ALL the time on my clothes and boots!

Hopefully I’ll get things working around here soon. For now I’m off to the movies with my guys. Hope you guys are doing well!


Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

Oh, btw, Sisterlisa from and won the giveaway from… but don’t forget about the 30% off this weekend with the code: HOLIDAY30



Wow! IT is a lot different! Hope you are able to figure it out. If you need a good web designer, my friend Edie from Rich Gifts Web Design does a great job.


Thanks, Sherry! I finally figured it out and am back to normal. :) No more messing around with themes for me! (at least not for a few months) ;)


I’m glad you explained all that! ‘Cause I clicked over today & was VERY confused!! I doesn’t take much!! =)
Talk to you soon, friend!


LOL Sorry about that. :) I’m back to normal now! :)

Thanks again for your thoughtful card, it really meant a lot! Great timing… God timing, that is! (((hugs)))

I think of you OFTEN!

martha brady

meanwhile, we’re twins:) i know, your site was very classy b/f, but until everything is fixed i’m glad we’re twins:) hope your tech troubles get fixed soon. i know it is a pain:(


How fun that we were twins for a while! That’s a LOVELY theme! But, for some reason I keep coming back to white… kind of simple and boring, but it’s me. :) (I like the description, “classy.” Thanks!)


I missed the changes – glad things are back to normal.

What movie did you see??? (Did you have popcorn and a COKE?!? Yum!)


Oh, Girl! I changed ALL kinds of things around here yesterday! Went from black and red to bright floral patterns then back to normal. It was quite a ride! ;)

We saw MegaMind… It was cute with a good message. And had a Coke and Taco Bueno on the way (much cheaper). :) Btw, I’m still around 1/day (although yesterday was 1 and 1/2).

Do you usually get popcorn and sodas at the movies? I have friends who can’t go without it. Me, I’m too cheap. ;)

Hope you’re doing well! How far along are you now?


I’ll have to look up the trailer for MegaMind. I think one a day is perfect! At the movies I try to go without the popcorn and coke. I walk past trying to ignore the smell, find a seat still thinking about the popcorn and immediately get back up and give in. I have to have it at the movies!

I’ve got just 9-11wks to go! It’s gone by fast and I have SO MUCH to do!


Wow, that HAS gone by fast! How exciting! (and funny about the lure of the popcorn!) :D

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