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by SomeGirl on May 21, 2010 · 23 comments

Yesterday, in the post Giving Out of Our Abundance, I asked, “What have you been given in abundance? Time? Faith? Energy? Resources? Influence? How can you use what you’ve been given to make a difference in the lives of those around you (or around the world)?”

We have all been given something in abundance… One of my friends at church has an abundance of time spent on the road to work each day… that’s a great time to make a difference in the lives of others by praying for them. My husband has an abundance of pain tolerance and he gives blood every 6 weeks or so… making a life-saving difference in the lives of others. Another friend is home from work because of an injury and has an abundance of time alone… now she’s offering to watch children occasionally for free for families who might need it… giving out of her abundance.

So, I told you I’d tell you what God has pressed on my heart to do with my abundance…

Last week, I read a tweet from David Platt (author of Radical) that cut me to the core… “Almost 1/2 of the world is struggling today to find food/water/shelter/medicine with the same amount of money we spend on french fries for lunch.”

People all over the world, here and there, are struggling to provide basic needs with what I spend on french fries (or in my case, Cokes).  That’s when it hit me… I have an abundance of CHOICE. If I open my fridge (or pantry) to look for something to eat, I have so much to choose from. If I try to decide what to do for dinner… eat at home, order pizza, grab something out, go to a restaurant… it’s my choice. I can choose what, when and where to eat. I can choose to stay home and cook or go out to eat. I can choose to drink a canned Coke from the fridge or to go get one from the drive thru.

I have an abundance of choice… and thankfully so! But now I’ve been pressed upon by the Lord to look at what I do with my choices and how I can make a difference in the lives of others with those choices… in the lives of 1/2 of the population struggling to find food, water, shelter and medicine (both here and there).

Here’s how I feel God’s leading me to give out of my abundance…

Because I would daily go through the drive thru to get a $1 Coke, anytime I make the CHOICE to drink a can coke instead of go through the drive-thru I am putting a $1 aside to give to drill wells to provide life-giving clean water to people who walk miles to get stagnate water to drink… full of disease.

When I choose to buy generic canned cola instead of name brand Coca Cola I’m putting the difference in an envelope.

When I choose to drink water at the restaurant instead of ordering a Coke as I normally would, I’m putting the difference in that envelope.

When I chose to cook at home when I would normally have gone out to eat, I’m putting that money in the envelope.

I’m not doing anything extra really, just reevaluating my choices… and giving out of that abundance.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not giving up all Cokes at the drive thru… The boys and I went to eat at McDonald’s after going to the doctor yesterday. I’m not “giving up all of my abundance” I’m just “giving out of my abundance.” And after just starting this late last week, I was able to provide clean drinking water for 20 children for a year… and my contribution was doubled which means 40 children will have clean drinking water for a year! All because I gave out of my abundance of choices… I chose canned cokes over fountain drinks and generic over store-brand… I’m fortunate to have an abundance of choice, not everyone does.

Oh, almost forgot my other abundance that I’ve decided to use to make a difference in the lives of others… if you haven’t noticed already, I have an abundance of words! (just ask my husband) ;) So, here I am giving out of my abundance of words to hopefully spur you on toward love and good deeds to make a difference with your abundance, whatever that abundance might be!

I feel strongly that God’s not concerned with numbers. I believe He cares much more about our willingness. Our willingness to give out of our abundance… the abundance He’s given us.

I’ll be praying with and for you and would LOVE to have you praying with and for me as we make a difference in the lives of those around us! May God be glorified in and through our abundance!  May He give us wisdom on how to use WHATEVER it is he has given us to the fullest!


Btw, out of my abundance of passion, I’ve set up a SomeGirl’sWebsite giving page at Living Water International to share with anyone who wants to be involved in providing clean drinking water in the name of Jesus through their organization with me… wouldn’t that be fun to make a difference together!? ♥

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Rachel Pereira

Awesome thoughts!! I am definitely gonna be praying/looking for areas in my life of abundance in order to give more freely!!


I’ll be praying with you! ♥ Michelle


What an inspiring post … that gives me something to really think about over the weekend. Blessings are meant to be shared. ;0)

Regarding your well-drilling passion, I have a blogging friend who is going to another country (can’t remember which one) with her husband to drill wells. They have raised quite a bit of money already to do this, but I’m not sure if they’re at their goal. Her name is Deb at She’s a doll. Just thought maybe you two could collaborate somehow?? Just a thought …


Thanks, Melinda! I’ll go check her blog out in the morning… I love the name “He gave me a dream” … makes me love it already! :)

It’s GREAT to see you here! I’m going to spend some time on your blog in the morning, too! Look forward to getting to know you! ♥ Michelle


It is definitely something that I want to think about to others from our abundance. We are so blessed and sometimes we don’t even realize how blessed. God wants us to share with others and bless others with what he has given us…Thanks Michelle for such a thought and action provoking post!


True words! “We are so blessed and sometimes we don’t even realize how blessed.” May our eyes be opened to see it and share it!

I love what I heard in a class one time, “we are blessed to be a blessing.”

Thanks for the great comment! ♥ Michelle


I love this, you are truly giving from abundance, what a great idea! I am going to have to rack my brain, because right now I don’t feel like I have an abundance of anything, at least not time or money. But I’m sure I can think of some way I can give, and I agree that God is more concerned with our willingness and desire to give than the amount that we give. Every little thing counts.

I’m so glad you decided to share this with us!


Thanks, Sheri! I’ll be praying that God shows you how you can give… btw, I think you’re giving a lot with your blog! ♥ Michelle


Amazing what doing something “small” like choosing generic over brand name can add up to when the money is saved. I think it’s awesome that you are giving some of your “extra” to provide clean drinking water to others!


Isn’t it amazing!? Little by little it all adds up!

Thank you SO much for commenting, Alicia! ♥ Michelle


I for real love this post. You hit it right on!! You have me thinking!!


Yay! I love it when a post gets someone thinking!! :) Thanks for commenting!! ♥ Michelle


Thanks for a great post. I think I need to think more about this, and figure out a way to make it work for me. We’ve talked before about how I simplified things to just put in a dollar for each day of the month so we can buy a well for an entire village at the end of the year. I would like to be more thoughtful about it though.
Maybe I need to start paying for things in cash, so that I can contribute the difference to my charity fund. The boys and I already have a summer project waiting to make some fun piggy bank style containers for them to keep their spending money, savings, church gifts, and charity funds. I think maybe we’ll rename the charity bank something with abundance in the name.

I like the idea of being more conscious of our giving, and thinking more often about how abundant our blessings truly are!


Oooh, the summer project sounds neat! I’d love to see how you do it! And I can’t wait to hear what God’s laid on your heart!!! Yay!!! ♥ Michelle


LOVED this post!! I have been reading SO much about the David Platt book. I guess I need to read it! I am visiting you from the sweet comment you left on my blog on my Mother’s Day post.

Thank you!


Thanks, Maggie! I’d HIGHLY recommend the Radical book! And Crazy Love by Francis Chan. :)

That was a BEAUTIFUL mother’s day post, btw!

♥ Michelle


Thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog today! Made my day!! ;)

I think we’ve connected a little on Twitter, but hopefully we can more in the future now that we “know” each other!

A header would look nice… I know of a friend who taught herself how to do it. She said it took a lot of research and time, but it looks great … her URL is if you want to check it out!

I’m following now! ;)


Don’t know how I ended up commenting on this post … meant to comment on the one about design changes! ;0) It’s the first day of summer w/kids home. I’m a little loopy.


LOL … that’s okay because I secretly wanted this post to get more comments to end up in my popular post sidebar widget… your loopy-ness just boosted it up! ;) Hope you are enjoying your crazy first day! I’m going to check out that site! Thanks!

I liked the other you sent me ( and commented there to get to know her… thanks for the suggestion!

♥ Michelle


I think about this alot. Like when I wanted to put in track lighting in our kitchen and then I thought, “WHY?! People are starving and I want to put up track lighting?” Not that track lighting is wrong but it definitely puts things into perspective when you remember and then respond to the needs of others. Thanks for the reminder…and challenge.


That’s so hard, isn’t it!? Trying to find a balance between enjoying what you have and giving to others… I’d LOVE new windows, but then I think about other needs, then lower electric bills, then others needs, and aesthetics… needs… and so on… wish I could find the answer… is it REALLY to give it ALL away?? Solomon says to enjoy what we have, but Christ says to give it all… man, your comment really has me thinking!!! Thanks for commenting! Sorry for rambling so much! ♥ Michelle


Love this conversation. Wish we could have it face-to-face over coffee. :)
God blesses us beyond our imagination and that includes physical blessing…as we seek Him first. I like your thought pattern. I don’t think it is all to give away. I guess it comes back to the heart. Jesus is clear that for us to have that abundant life, our heart needs to be willing to give it all away should the opportunity arise. It all comes back to the heart.
So I guess new windows or track lighting ultimately isn’t the issue. It’s our heart. And He does pour out gifts upon His children. Just thinking as I type. :)


Oooh, I would LOVE to sit down with you over coffee and discuss all of this! Too bad you’re not in the DFW area!

I think you’re right… it always comes back to the heart. I’ve been thinking about Christ words when he said, “Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ ”

I love your thinking while you type… keep it up! :)

♥ Michelle

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