Choosing their desires over mine…

by SomeGirl on September 18, 2011 · 18 comments

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Have you ever had a day where all you wanted to do was what YOU wanted to do?

That was me just this past Saturday.

But (after a little me-time) I gave up my desire to do what I wanted to do (lay around and rest all. day. long.) in order to do what my guys wanted to do…

And I’m so glad I did. We are all the richer in memories because of it. (And I think they felt very fraddled for.) :)

What about you? How did you show your family (or others) that you love them over the weekend? I’d LOVE to hear!



Cranberry Morning

What fun, fun photos!


Thanks, Judy! :)


Great photos and memories! Fun! We had a fun Friday night campout with the kids and relaxed and played all day Saturday. :)


Oh, I bet that was a sweet time!


Last night I actually said to my husband…”I’m just so tired of parenting ALL THE TIME” He asked if the kids had done something wrong or been “bad” and I said, “No, I just need a day where I’m not mom.”

It’s true, our life is crazy and there are many times I give up what I’m doing to do something for them…I’m actually learning to not just drop everything and attend to their every need (they are 15 and 9, after all) but I also remember that I will not have these days forever…because after all, they are 15 and 9 and I love them a lot!

Thanks for the reminder of the value of showing love in this way!


I know that feeling all too well… a day where I’m not mom… ahhh. But you’re right, it will not last forever and will come much sooner than we expect. Thanks for that reminder! :)

Gail Debenport

Michelle, These pictures are wonderful. Definitely istock worthy. I love seeing your pics because most of the time they are of four models who I love. Keep them coming. P.S. I think it is healthy for the kids to see that mommy has a life too. Although, that is difficult to do. Striking a balance is always a goal. :)


You’re so sweet, Aunt Gail!

I agree wholeheartedly, it’s healthy and good for kids to see that their mom has a life… we forget that so often as moms. Guess that’s why I didn’t mind working on my shots while they worked on theirs. (I’ll confess I was talked into going a bit by Steve’s suggestion that I take my camera.) ;)


I went with my boys to the arcade on Friday. There was a Hobby Lobby store right next door that would have been more my style, but this is what made them happy. ;)


What a sweet momma. :) I bet they loved it!


I have felt that way many times and actually felt sorry for myself! However, right now, my two sons are 2000miles alway in college and my daughter is in South Africa for 4 months. I would love to HAVE to do something with them right now :)


What a good reminder… one day they will be gone (sooner than we can imagine). Thank you!

Betsy at Zen Mama

This post really hit home. There have been so many times I’ve put off my wants/desires for a day for them. I used to tell myself when the kids were young that this was a short time in my life and to enjoy it because I’d miss it later when it was over. I do miss it now… however I am enjoying time to my own things, too!! :)


You and I are such kindred spirits, Betsy! I do the same thing (telling myself it’s a short time and to enjoy it) and I can imagine missing it all, but enjoying the future as well. Oh, how often I wish we were near each other and could hang out!


It is a choice, isn’t it?! Choosing to lay down self-agenda. I think it will continue to be a constant choosing as long as we are in these flesh bodies. Praying I choose well.


You have such a lovely way with words, Lara! Praying I choose well, too… Thanks for that!


Awesome pictures. I’m a terrible golfer and now I’m wondering if my boys are going to want me to do that someday! ;)


Oh, I bet they will! ;)

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