Christians, Pagans and Witches… Oh My!

by SomeGirl on May 30, 2011 · 37 comments

Wow, Wow, Wow! I picked a good and bad weekend to take a little media break.

I won’t give you all the details, but let me sum it up with this comment I left on a blog post where a tweet I sent out before my break was quoted by the owner of the current #1 ranked blog in the Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms contest:

SomeGirl said…
Very nicely said. True. I naively mistook “Faith” to mean Judeo-Christian Faith…I was quite surprised when I saw pagan witches in the Faith Blogs by Moms contest. Now, I see that it’s all types of faiths/beliefs, but the word “overtaken” (in my tweet that was quoted) was used more in a sense of of the RAPID rise of Pagan blogs. And the “seriously” was due to the fact that until Friday, I had no idea Pagan Witches existed (living in the Bible Belt has it’s own set of issues). So, I appreciate this experience as it’s opened my eyes to a world outside of my apparent bubble. Please excuse my statement of naive shock to my twitter friends. You may check my feed and see that the only thing mentioned of you or other pagan witch blogs was of the quick progress of votes (which is still amazing by anyone’s standards… regardless of faith). I wish you well and thank you for your post. ♥ Michelle (@SomeGirlsTweets

May 29, 2011 9:28 AM

(I’d like to edit the comment to note that it was Thursday that I found out about Pagan Witches.)

Seriously, you can’t believe the stuff that’s been going on around and about this contest. It’s been SUPER crazy! And has led to all kinds of posts, tweets, FB discussions, comments from many of the bloggers involved in the contest and their supporters… some good, some bad, and some quite disturbing (from Christians, Pagans, Witches alike). I had NO idea this contest would become what it has (as evidenced in the comment above).

From it all, my thoughts have been stirring like crazy on things like post-modernism, intolerance/tolerance, absolute truth, pharisees, sinners, pagans, witches, Jesus… the list goes on and on. And let’s just say that my husband and I have had some WONDERFUL theological discussions… LOTS of them (I’m sure he’s quite tired of hearing about all of this). ;)

Anyway, I decided to give him a break and come talk with you guys (lucky you). ;) lol

I have so many thoughts in my head that I need to get out and this seems like the best place to do it. I do so hope you’ll join me later this week as I hash out thoughts on Jesus loving and eating with sinners, prostitutes and tax collectors… His position as a liar, a lunatic or Lord… and our understanding of absolute truth.

For now, I want you to know that while I write, in general, to my sisters in Christ hoping to spur them on toward love and good deeds…

You, who don’t believe in Christ, are always welcome!

I want this blog to be a warm and inviting place (like a big, cozy dining table), where you can come and we can talk, laugh, encourage, discuss photography and delve into spiritual matters. I want you to know that you are loved – loved by me as a friend, but most importantly loved by The One who created you.

And I pray that when you have a time in your life when you want or need to talk to someone about spiritual things… when you come to a point that you have questions about faith in Christ… that you will know you have someone to talk to.

And to everyone here I promise you this… I will always speak the truth, and it will always be spoken in love. And I will never enter a contest where I have to ask you for votes again…  never!  I recently read a post that opened my eyes to the whole purpose behind these types of contests… read it here.

(But I do SO thank you for your votes of support and encouragement… as I’ve said many times before, I feel VERY fraddled for!)


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)



Great post. And you left a really good comment on the other blog, in my opinion. We can chat about it all over tea…. :)


Oh, how I long for our tea time… do you think we can have it this week? :) Thank you, btw, for your comment!






Wow! I took a 10 day break….from all media….but, did not imagine returning to this! I have questioned the contests…have been humbled by being mentioned in one (nominated) yet….too afraid my “Pride” sin would rear it’s head if anything serious happened on one….so, I have stayed away….for fear of losing (awful, huh)? I always enjoy reading your posts…your sweet and loving nature shines through each word….and I am thankful for your honesty and truth… blessed!!!


Thank you for your sweet, sweet words, Rebecca! I’m so glad we’re online friends!

Let me tell you, pride has been a huge battle for me this past week (another reason I don’t want to do a “vote” for me contest ever again)… it just doesn’t feel right or good. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.” I tried to justify this as a great way to shine the light of Christ, but not sure that was so good for me. One has to be a very humble, grounded person to do it well (not that I’d know that first hand, mind you). ;)


I’ve hardly been on Twitter in the last week or so, and I too was shocked at how “big” this whole thing got – and SO quickly too! Love the wisdom in your response! Just voted for you again, friend! :)


Seriously, hu?! Thank you for your kind words and for voting! I’ve been voting for you, too!


That’s really tihninkg at a high level

Sam @TheKelleyEight

I am still shocked about the whole thing. I have some feelings about the whole thing that I am keeping in, as I once rejected the idea of Christianity myself. I think it may be a good thing you were on a break!


Yeah, probably! ;) I’d love to hear your testimony… Have you written it down anywhere?

ali @ an ordinary mom

It all does make for interesting theological discussions, doesn’t it?


YES, it does! :)


I was shocked at the way this whole thing has taken on a life of it’s own. It’s a shame really that something that is supposed to be fun turns into something quite different. I’ve been faithfully voting for you from the beginning, just because I love ya!


Donna, you are SO sweet! I love ya, too! Thank you!

And I agree… shocked, but I think a lot of good has come and will come from it.

Beth @ Living James 2

Michelle, I do not think you said anything offensive at all. I certainly understood your shock and disbelief at the fact that pagan blogs were “overtaking” the contest. I may well be naive also, but I just assumed that Faith Blogs meant Christian faith. My bad. In future, I guess we all need to confirm that when we’re reading about faith we double check to make sure we’re reading about the Christian faith. Lesson learned.

Furthermore, I want to add that I think it’s absolutely sickening that the pagan blogger who is all upset over this has well over 100 comments supporting her, some of which come from very well respected Christian bloggers, while you an other Christian bloggers have received such little support. That bothers me immensely and I’ve lost some respect for those people.

Tolerance is a wonderful idea. I don’t want to see anyone persecuted for any reason. Christ didn’t persecute sinners. But He didn’t sit back and accept everyone and every belief they had either. Christ said that no one can go to the Father except through Him. If we truly believe His words, then we have an obligation to be vocal about our Christian faith. We must do it in love, but truly loving others means that we don’t want to see them condemned to hell for rejecting Christ.


I think a lot of the support comes from the fact that Pagans are still persecuted TODAY and some of the things people had said were downright rude (and ignorant) about the religion.


Thank you, Beth. You’re support is greatly appreciated!

It’s been such a sticky, tricky situation. I don’t think anyone involved really knows how to handle it. I’d encourage you not to lose too much respect from just this one situation (although I admit to battling with similar feelings in regards to theology).

Here’s hoping/praying we can be gracious to others in and outside of our belief system, while still holding firm and proclaiming The Truth.

Thank you SO much for your comment! Lots of love to you! ♥ Michelle


I’d like to add here that I’m the Pagan blogger who is “all upset over this”. The reason I’m upset over it – and admittedly took the tweet mentioned above too seriously – started when a Christian blogger dragged my name into a hate-filled rant. The comments to her rant contained so much hate speech, including comments about my children. Yes, I did get upset at that point. I did respond as someone who was upset, but I also responded with tolerance and and no ill words towards anyone who has written about me or commented about me.

I have received not only wonderful support from my own faith community, but words of love, kindness and support from Christians as well – even those who don’t approve of my beliefs, they support my right to have them.

I have also received email after email about rotting in hell, how my children are spawn of Satan, and a few actual death threats – one based on how I better drop out of the contest or they are coming after me. Not exactly the stuff that makes me want to come to Christ, that’s for sure.


I know I said this below (in another reply), but I am terribly sorry to hear about those emails and other words. I didn’t follow along with all that happened and had no idea how bad the words said to you were.

I’m glad you’ve had such wonderful support from many different sources.

Definitely not the kind of stuff that would make anyone want to come to Christ. As believers we so often forget that it’s His KINDNESS that leads us to repentance. I pray you’ll be showered with kindness and love from those who live in the Light of His GREAT love!

Deb Chitwood

It saddens me to hear that you’ve received hate mail. I’m a Christian Quaker, and tolerance is actually part of my religion. I can only hope to be an example of Christ’s love and kindness – which I know Michelle is. I’m praying this situation will lead to compassion and and more love and kindness in the world.


I think the reason Mrs. B (the pagan mom) is getting so much support is because she was ATTACKED first, and is the victim here. If you check her blog she actually says she’s sorry to the people who didn’t win because of the rush of support for her may have knocked some deserving people out of the top. She did not start a campaign to makes sure Christian blogs were knocked out of the top places, as was done to her. It’s wonderful that so many people came to her support and it’s rather small minded of anyone assuming that only christian blogs should be entered. Even if people are unaware of paganism you would have to have lived under a rock to have never heard of the Jewish or Muslim faiths. We live in America where we have freedom of religion, and that does mean any religion, not just different sects of Christianity. I hope this clears up why she had such support and that she had a clear reason to be upset. Much love and light to you, and Blessed Be.


oh my! I missed this! i saw a friend asking for votes, but I didn’t even have the time to vote! I am curious to continue to read what you have to say on all this….=)


Hold on tightly, Girl! ;) Seriously, though, I’d LOVE your prayers for wisdom as I prepare the upcoming posts… would you mind? :)


This is lovely. From a Pagan, thank you :)


Thank you, Mary. It’s great to have you here. :)


Well said. I peeked at to the blog you posted this on Michelle, and I was very impressed with your comments. I also noticed that a few other people were impressed with them too.
The internet world is hard sometimes, text does not show feeling or intent…it’s just words on a screen. Sometimes they take on an unintended meaning. I’m proud of you for explaining your intent.


Thank you, Jamie. That’s a big problem with technology these days… tone doesn’t transfer well through black and white print. Thank you so much for your kind, supportive words! I do so appreciate them!!


Loving words and spoken with confidence and intelligence. Well done, Michelle. I admire your response to the situation. Also, great link to the article that exposes the motivation for many of the online blogging contests.
(from a pagan)


Thank you, Alaurie. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and am glad to see you here! That article was very interesting, wasn’t it? We’ve really helped boost their traffic and advertising campaign with this contest. ;)


Thank you very much for this post Michelle. I think in the midst of so many harsh words going back and forth, some completely simple posts were taken in a way that was not their intent.

Hopefully, something positive can come out of this negative situation – a bit more understanding and tolerance from both sides of the discussion. =)


Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. I admit it bothered me to be lumped in with the bunch that had been so rude to you and others, but I am thankful my tweet was included so we could have a chance to meet and talk. I might not have chimed in otherwise. Btw, I can definitely see how that could happen… No worries. :)

I’m terribly sorry to hear about the nasty emails that have been sent to you, that’s terrible! I’ve been praying that God be glorified in this whole situation and can definitely see good starting to come from it (even though I’m VERY saddened to hear about the horrible things sent to you and your family). I will continue to pray!

Thanks again for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it! ♥ Michelle

Beth @ Living James 2

Mrs B. – I did not realize you’d been the subject of hate email. I just want to say that that kind of behavior is wrong. Period. While I do not agree with your faith, I would never resort to violence (physical or verbal) to promote my beliefs. The God I serve commands that I show His love and compassion even while being firm in my beliefs.


I missed a bunch while fraddling! :)

Christin @ Joyful Mothering

I posted in regards to all of this, too:

It was a bit targeted but I had it on my heart and still have many things swirling around, as you do. I’m sure my husband is sick of me talking about it, too.

And I’m SO with you – I will never do this contest thing again, where I constantly ask people for votes. Never. It’s waaay too awkward (and dramatic, ha ha!)


I don’t quite know how I stumbled upon your blog/twitter page but I am very happy that I found it. Your kind and loving tone in this post is particularly warming-thanks for welcoming me into your virtual circle of friends!

Best wishes,


“I may well be naive also, but I just assumed that Faith Blogs meant Christian faith. My bad. In future, I guess we all need to confirm that when we’re reading about faith we double check to make sure we’re reading about the Christian faith. Lesson learned.”

See? There’s one positive that came from this already. :) The word ‘Faith’ does not, and never did, belong to any particular belief system.

I have a question, however. In so many of the blog comments surrounding the contest, one overiding note I saw from most of the Christians was ‘fear.’ Fear of this, fear of that. If you believe in a loving god who loves you and saves you, why are so many of you afraid…and what exactly are you afraid of?

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