Christmas in July

by SomeGirl on July 30, 2010 · 9 comments

I’ve been wanting to write a Christmas in July post for a few weeks, but kept putting it off… then we went to Target yesterday to do a little birthday party shopping and happened upon a 75% toy clearance with TONS of toys on sale! I found (and bought) some GREAT toys for Christmas presents for my boys and some to donate through programs like Angel Tree.

Then I realized that today is the last day I can write one (I’ll be too busy tomorrow)… so without further ado, here’s a little fraddle for others with a GREAT video that made a HUGE impact on my life! Hope it does the same for you!  ♥ Michelle

Merry Christmas!! ;)

Btw, I’m posting at an odd time because I didn’t wake up early enough to have my computer time before getting ready to meet friends at the park…  I really need to follow Michelle’s lead at So, I Married a Mennonite and start waking up earlier! Now I’m off to prepare for a fun Lego party… thanks for all the WONDERFUL suggestions for categories!! ♥

Kristen, Michelle and Cheri – It was GREAT to hang out with you guys! Love, Michelle xoxo

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GirlGetsReal (Steph)

In my face again that I was created an emotional creature. I love this video, it brought tears to my eyes. I beg the family every year to cut back. This is what I want for my family and more importantly, giving that extra money to others in need is pleasing to God.


From one emotional creature to another, I totally understand! I also tried to get our families to cut back then finally made my difference by asking for Living Water donations as my gift and buying fair trade and shops that support ministries like the persecuted church… I’ll share a list of good places soon. If we’re still going to spend money it felt good spending it where it could make a difference. :) ♥ Michelle

GirlGetsReal (Steph)

I will be looking forward to seeing that list. Thank you.


Great video! Thanks for sharing, gives you lots to think about:-) Have a great lego party!! It sounds so fun and Happy Birthday to your son!


It does give a lot to think about, doesn’t it?! Thanks for the birthday wishes!! ♥ Michelle


Wow… I loved that video. LOVED it!
I think I’ll be sharing that one. Thank you.

I have to admit as well… that I love a good bargin. So good for you for preparing to bless others this Christmas (in July).


Thanks, Manda! Yeah, don’t you just LOVE it?!!

Btw, it’s always nice to find other bargain shoppers. :) ♥ Michelle


I LOVE this! Well, you know that already, but I love the Christmas in July theme. Great reminder to keep our priorities straight throughout the year!

Oh, and tell Z. happy 8th! Hope he’s enjoying his day!


Um, yeah, I NEED to share that video with others. Thank you, Michelle! You are ALWAYS making a difference!

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