Color With The Crayons You’ve Been Given

by SomeGirl on May 25, 2011 · 29 comments

I sat in worship service Sunday quietly lecturing one of my boys on the need to be content with what he has as he complained about the amount of crayons in his drawing cup versus the amount in his brother’s. In the midst of this discussion I was struck by the similarity in life between my son’s desire for his brother’s crayons and my desire for things that others have… at that moment, today’s post was born. :)

We have all been given a certain number of “crayons” in life.



Those crayons could represent anything… talents, levels of influence, possessions, friends… you name it.

And, if you look around, you can be certain someone else has been given more… it’s just the facts of life.



So, what do you do when you notice that your cup of crayons isn’t as full as someone else’s?

Spend your time focusing on the crayons others have been given, wishing you had them?

Complain, pout, withdrawl?

Demand to be given some of what the other person has, too?



Or focus on what you do have, thankful that you’ve been given any crayons at all, and start to color?


I can tell you one thing for sure…

if you pick up those crayons, start drawing for The One who gave them to you,

writing a beautiful message of love with what you’ve been given,

you’ll see that you have just what it takes to make a BEAUTIFUL picture – simply by coloring with the crayons you’ve been given.



Something for you (and ME) to think about next time we start to focus on someone else’s crayons.



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Kathy Balman

Great post I love it!!! I am constantly telling my kids to be content with what they have.


Thank you, Kathy! I’m right there with you. :)


Love this! Love You! I’m learning to color with the crayons in my cup. :-)


I love you, too! It’s a continually learning process, isn’t it?! SO glad there’s grace.

Living the Balanced Life

I loved this post! Very cool way of looking at things!
Thanks for sharing it…
Who is stealing your time?


Thank you! I linked you up! :)

Deb Chitwood

Great post, Michelle! And I just love the title – kind of says it all! I can relate to your feeling weird about asking for votes (especially after going through that with Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs), but I totally understand that many will see your awesome fraddling message if you’re on the list! I’ll keep on voting daily for you! :)

Cindy Holman

Great idea – love the crayons – so unique! Thanks for allowing all of us to share our blog articles. This is one of my favorites:


Love this! It’s very timely with some issues in my life. And I love the photos for this shoot!


Great post! I will often say similar things to my 7yo daughter, and then hear a voice say to me, “and that goes for you too!” I love the lessons that God teachers us through our children. Paula :)

Stacy @ Delighting in the Days

What great thoughts! I LOVE the second picture. I almost felt jealous of that full cup of crayons :)
Such a great reminder to use what we have been given.


I agree, it was a powerful visual statement!


Sweet. I linked up and my picture is a frog. :)


Thank you for this post! A reminder to follow myself what I teach my little one:)


Contentment? Isn’t that a struggle for everyone? What a great, great post! If we could teach our little ones this lesson early – we would save them such heartache later in life.

Sam @TheKelleyEight

Great post! I just tweeted it :)

Vanderbilt Wife

Thank you–these are some wonderful thoughts and I know it is something I will come back to for a long time!


This is something I have been really thinking about over the past few months. Love the way you wrote it…such a beautiful picture — coupled with your beautiful pictures!! :) Thank you for the gentle reminder!


Wow. Just Wow.

Renee Ann

Love this post! Glad I stopped in today.


This is so true! What a great analogy. Going to use this in discussion later with my kids. The photos are a perfect addition, too. Love it all!


I love this. Such a beautiful perspective on gratitude. So true that our pictures are beautiful–constructed from what we’ve been given. Thanks for this!

Jennifer Mitchell

I love how children are sometimes the best teachers when it comes to life’s lessons. And they do not even have to be doing it on purpose. Jesus loved kids, so it’s no surprise when you think about it. God gave children insight that is so practical in some areas, I love it!

ali @ an ordinary mom

Oh, man, I know you’re so right, but I still kinda wish I had gotten one of those excellent-housekeeper crayons in my cup… :)


Hi! Just wanted to let you know I am voting for you daily and remind you not to get discouraged (about the pagan blogs in the circle of moms contest)

I really think God is doing something beyond all of us. Who knows how many pagan witches are going to Christian blogs (and hopefully get exposed ot the gospel) now b/c they are logging on to vote.

I think God is up to something pretty great. :)



Grace Houle

Awesome post! I learn so much watching my children. It has allowed me to grow deeper with God, because it is so easy to see many parallels between us and God, and our kids and us. So thankful for my kids.


Completely perfect. Great, great post.

Sundi Jo

Great post! Makes you stop and think. I’ve never read your blog before. I literally STUMBLEDUPON it. :)

Looking forward to reading more.

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