Connecting the Dots

by SomeGirl on July 13, 2010 · 20 comments

“I believe in a Divine God that connects dots. I’m a dot. You’re a dot. He draws a line between you and me and we are connected.”  – Kristen at We are THAT Family

I had a page sitting open waiting to be read [dot] that was suggested by Jessica at Reflections of a Princess [dot] and I’m glad I took the time to read it! [dot]

As it turns out Kristen at We are THAT Family laid out a request a few days ago for baby formula for hungry orphans in Africa [dot] and asked that we  “connect the dots” and “do good” for them by providing large cans of WalMart (milk based only, no soy) to this address [dot]:

Heritage House ’76, Inc.

919 So. Main St.,

Snowflake, AZ  85937

She adds this note: If you do not have a WalMart near you, you can purchase a WalMart gift card online and have it sent directly to the address above. Please make sure you make a notation that it is for formula if you can. But they have been notified that all WalMart gift cards are designated for formula. You can also send a check for formula (for a tax deductible donation) to Living Hope Women’s Centers. Formula will be bought and sent. [dot]

And NOW I know what the boys and I are doing today! [dot] We’re connecting the dots, going to Walmart and praying about how many cans of formula we can send. I know they can counts us  in for at least 1 can [dot]… how about you? [dot] (no pressure, right?) ;)


Ok, do you want to know something weird? After I formulated this post I saw Kristen’s  newest post and it said that their match had been made and their collection was done but “There will always be a need, so feel free to continue to give if you feel led.” And I suddenly lost interest in going to the store… BUT I had just commented that I would go, buy a can, and blog about it (and a commitment is a commitment)…  but, why did I suddenly lose interest? Isn’t there a much greater need than just 200 cans? Do I have to stop just because the challenge stopped? This has given me something to think about… but I’ve come up with my answer… NO! The immediate need may have been met, but just as Kristen reminded us, there will ALWAYS be  a need for more formula. And I want to be a part of showing that God exceedingly and abundantly meets needs! I want to continue to connect those dots (and teach my boys how to connect dots, too)! [dot]

Let’s make a HUGE impact in the lives of these little ones… one their caregivers will NEVER forget, by connecting our dots! [dot] Spread the word! [dot]

Thanks, Kristen and Jessica for helping us be a part of caring for orphans in Africa! [dot] [dot] [dot] ♥ Michelle

Btw, if Africa isn’t your thing, I’m sure there’s a need for formula at the local food bank [dot] or crisis  pregnancy center [dot]… just an idea. :)

(See you at Walmart!)

Wow… I was really pushy today,wasn’t I? I’m going to blame it on my hormones. ;) I’ll be better tomorrow, I swear!

Read Kristen’s full post here.

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No apologies necessary, girl! You are just spurring us on to love and good works. Thank you!!!


Thanks, Natalie!! ♥ Michelle


Definitely lots of need in various parts of the world. Thank you for being pushy! :D Need to go pick up a can or two.. :D


Aw, thanking me for being pushy… thought you guys might sigh at me! ;) lol Thank you, sweet friend! ♥ Michelle


[dot] aren’t you the coolest! Even mentioning the local pregnancy center, women’s homeless shelter … love that heart! Keep thinking outside the box and [dot] DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! We sometimes put a number on things that God never intended to be there.

Reading the battle in 2 Chronicles 20 – it took 3 days to take away all the plunder – 3 DAYS! They weren’t expecting that and God wants to bless someone GREATLY! “For the measure you give, it will be given to you! Let’s get pressed down, and shaken and overflowing together!

YOU ROCK! [dot]


” ‘For the measure you give, it will be given to you!’ Let’s get pressed down, and shaken and overflowing together!” I LOVE that, Stef! Thank you!! [dot] ♥ Michelle

Cranberry Morning

I think unless one has visited a ‘third world country,’ we can’t get a grasp of how little most people of the world have. We have so much in this country. Good for you for thinking past the challenge.


That’s so true. I’m VERY thankful for my ‘third world country’ visits… it’s opened my eyes and broadened my world view. Wouldn’t be a bad Christian 101 requirement. ;)

Have I told you how much I appreciate your comments? I do! ♥ Michelle


oh, the power of the little! Think about the acorn, so small, yet so powerful because it holds within itself the possiblility of millions of tree.
One can at a time, we can make a difference.


That’s beautiful, Barbara! You have SUCH a way with words… so poetic! Thank you! ♥ Michelle


Sweet friend, I never think that you come across as “pushy” just very thought provoking!! Thanks for sharing this!!


Thanks, Rachel!! ♥ Michelle


Love it. I am working on a post right now about an orphanage in Haiti that my daughter and I are “partnering” with. There are so many needs in the world. Thanks for the reminder to look outside ourselves. :)


Can’t wait to read it! There are SO many needs! Little by little…


What a great idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!
oh- & thanks for stopping by my blog to laugh… & now I’m very excited about tomorrow:)
Have a great night!


Yeah, I call you “my new friend, Jessica” (it’s short, but to the point, with a good shout out). :) And I’m linking up with iFellowship… how about you?

Cali of PassionBird

Wow! And now I’m in tears Michelle! I love the openness you write in every post. I really like this a lot & I’m bringing a can to your house!


Aw, thanks sweet Cali! [dot] Love ya, Girl! ♥ Michelle


What a fabulous idea! I’ll also participate. I don’t think there is such a thing as enough formula for little ones.

I’m here, Michelle. Honestly haven’t forgotten you. Will catch up a bit now and more later.


Hey, friend! I knew you hadn’t forgotten… I can tell by your own blog absence that life has gotten busy (hopefully full of joy busy). :) I totally agree, btw, there’s never enough formula for little ones! It seemed like we were always in need of a new can of formula for little one! Thanks for connecting dots with me! (and thanks for the comments… I LOVE them!) ♥ Michelle

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