Distractions {Day Seventeen}

by SomeGirl on October 17, 2011


As you can probably tell, I’m having some issues with Thesis theme causing weird things to go on with the design of the blog today. Hopefully I’ll get it squared away soon. :)


While I attempt to ignore the issues and try to focus on praying for revival, it reminds me that life is full of distractions.

At the moment I have two sweet, fun loving boys running around talking on walkie-talkies making more noise than I can think in. They were both huddled up laughing and talking loudly under my desk just a few minutes ago.

As weird as it sounds I put some tissue in my ears to block out the noise so I could write this better-late-than-never post for day seventeen of our 31 days of prayer for revival series.

Before that, I started off on twitter and FB surfing around, being drawn to all kinds of interesting conversations…

And, it’s taken a lot of focus just to get this far in today’s post.


Maybe this is all just what I needed for today!

We face obstacles and distractions all day long in life.

There is always something vying for our thoughts and attention.

I pray that we would be able to seek God with all our heart in the midst of the noise, problems, and hustle-bustle life we live.

Funny, now that I start to write this, things have become very slow and quiet around me.

And isn’t that quite fitting??

When we start to focus on God, the things of life start to fade away…. and all it’s worries and concerns diminish.

Please pray with me today that we would focus on God in our busy-ness and that we would know Him and His peace that passes all understanding and provides our souls with the calmness we need to be able to “be still and know that He is God.”


Thank you, Father, for the craziness of this morning and for the peace that You brought as I pushed through and focused on You.

May I take my thoughts captive and focus them on You continually.



Well, along with all the other things going wrong with the Thesis update, comments are not working. So… if you’d like to share your thoughts, prayer requests, questions, random bacon musings ;) feel free to do so at SomeGirl’s Website FB page or @ me on Twitter. :)

Praying for you guys! ♥


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