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Super Cool Etsy Stuff!! (2 Birthday Bash Giveaways)

by SomeGirl on August 24, 2010 · 109 comments

Alright… are you ready for the LAST Birthday Bash Giveaway??!! This one is going to be FUN! A month or so ago I spent some time looking through Etsy to see what they had that might be fun to offer you for my birthday, and I found some NEAT things! Fortunately the shop owners thought the idea of being a part of my birthday celebration and giving you a present was a neat thing, too! So, today I’m going to introduce you to some GREAT shops and giveaway some COOL items! Let’s take a look at what this giveaway has in store for one of you, my sweet readers…

Now, you know SomeGirl’sWebsite is about spurring one another on toward love and good deeds and encouraging each other to live and love intentionally, right? So, I not only wanted to give my FAVORITE things to you during my birthday bash, but I wanted to make sure the items were in line with this blog’s purpose: encouraging others to love intentionally (aka fraddle). So, what better gifts to give than some CUTE cards to write a note to someone you love or drop a surprise note to someone special anonymously…

Jenn at paintedfishstudio loves creating stuff and working with paper! She makes SUPER cool things and is a whiz with her Polaroid camera and printer! I just LOVE her cards! And I think you’ll love getting:

a set of 5 “i like you” cards!

And if you’re in the mood to give a gift to someone special (because your or their love language is gift giving or receiving), you’ll need some SUPER CUTE tags to use to label the present (so Martha-like)…

Ann at Duct Tape And Denim sells lots of LOVELY vintage inspired art, jewelry & supplies… and neat tags! You’ll definitely want to check out her Christmas shop when it’s time to look for Christmas tags, ornaments and decorations. But, for now, I think you’ll really enjoy giving gifts with your own:

set of 6 reusable chalkboard tags!

And to find a sweet gift to give to a friend (or maybe yourself) ;) you’ll want to check out Pretty Little Studio. You’ll find all kinds of things (new and vintage)…  journaling cards, flash cards, calendars, tags, patterned paper (great for scrapbooking). Here are a couple of my favorite things at Melissa’s store, Pretty Little Studio

A sweet vintage style paper doll set…

and look at these WONDERFUL vintage flashcards (5×7)… GREAT for framing and decorating a child’s room or used to strengthen reading skills… I LOVE these!

But you don’t have to chose now, because Melissa is giving you:

$20 to spend on ANYTHING you want at Pretty Little Studio!

Now, if you’re like me and you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I call “Treasure Hunting” (thrifting, flea marketing, bargain hunting) then you’ll have a GREAT time looking for something at Lauren’s virtual fleamarket, Que Ganga. I LOVE her shop! Que Ganga (pronounced kay-GONG-uh) means “What a bargain!” in Spanish, and I can tell you Lauren has such neat things at such bargain prices; the name is accurate! You’ll LOVE her antiques, skeleton keys, luggage and decor! Just take a look at her vintage bits for the picky thrifter

Wouldn’t these be SO COOL and Pottery-Barn-like hanging somewhere in your house?

Or what about this EYE-CATCHING old red lantern… LOVE it for decoration in my boys’ room or out on my back porch! (oh, wait… I can’t win… bummer!) ;)

or this cool, I-WANT-THAT, medicine jar…

There’s SO MUCH MORE to choose from and those items are $15 or less, which is GREAT because Lauren is giving TWO of my sweet readers:

$15 to spend at her virtual fleamarket, Que Ganga!!

No crowds and no heat… that beats Canton* in my book! ;)

Alright, there you have it! The winner of today’s giveaway will receive a set of 5  “i like you” polaroid cards from paintedfishstudio, a set of 6 reusable chalkboard tags from Duct Tape And Denim, a $20 shopping spree at Pretty Little Studio and a $15 shopping spree at Que Ganga!

A second winner will be chosen for one additional $15 shopping spree at Que Ganga. :) I hope YOU win!!

To enter to win all of the cool things listed above:

  1. Leave a comment below telling what you love about this giveaway and hope to buy with your gift certificates.

That’s it!

For BONUS entries: Leave a comment below for EACH of the following things you do:

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Wow!! That’s A LOT of ways to win!! (That’s what happens when you have 4 stores in one giveaway, hu?) ;)
This giveaway closes August 26th at 11:59pm CST. No residency restrictions. Some shipping and handling charges may apply for LARGE items through Que Ganga.

See what other GREAT GIVEAWAYS are ACTIVE here!

And let me take a moment so say “Happy Birthday!” to my sweet sister-in-love, Karen… Hope you have a WONDERFUL day and year to come!!! Love you, Karen!! ♥

Remember to comment for EACH of your entries.

*Canton, TX – home of a HUGE fleamarket on the weekend before the first Monday of every month. If you’re a thrifter it’s a MUST SEE, worth the trip! But be prepared to be worn out and not make it to even half of the booths… it’s THAT HUGE! (and the turkey legs are never as good as they look and smell) ;)

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