Exciting and Intentional Changes coming to Thought Provoking Thursday

by SomeGirl on April 20, 2012 · 12 comments

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been very intentional with Thought-Provoking Thursday lately. I’ve been so busy with our chickens, puppy, and boys that blogging has taken a back seat and I’ve forgotten to post on Thursdays the past two weeks. I’m terribly sorry for that. I LOVE Thursdays around here and adore the community that is being built as we all gather together to encourage, inspire, challenge and provoke thoughts!

Because I’ve been so absent minded in this area and I foresee life getting busier and busier as we start a swim team for my oldest, move to 5 days a week of cognitive therapy, and move my littlest one into kindergarten homeschool (not to mention our little mini-homestead that’s developing into much more than I ever would have expected)…

I’ve made a prayerful and exciting decision to not let Thought-Provoking Thursday fall to the way side, but to be even more intentional with it by asking one of my dearest and most like-minded/hearted friends to take the reigns.

Let me introduce (or if you’ve been around here for long, re-introduce) you to one of my DEAREST friends… Michelle (or Shell) of Intentional.me (Don’t you LOVE her blog name? Who doesn’t want to be an Intentional Me?! (not me, me but you, me) ;)

Michelle and I met one snowy day in March 4 years ago (2008)…

We had just moved into our house 3 months earlier and she had moved into hers across the street a few months before that. I was elated when I saw a mom and a boy near my oldest one’s age out building a snowman! We made our way over to introduce ourselves and found out she had another little boy near the age of my youngest son… double bonus! I can’t believe they were this little back then…

Over the past four years we’ve had lots of adventures. We’ve taken our boy crew to do so many different things…

We’ve sat in our yards a gazillion times, talked deep spiritual and light-hearted-anything talks, and watched our boys have a blast getting wet and messy… so messy!

Michelle and I both share a great love of life, laughter, photography, d0-gooding…

And she’s made me think a TON of times. She’s inspired me to be a better person and to say, “Goodbye,” to car loads worth of junk; passing it on to others who might have a need.

I’m sure you can see why she is a natural choice as a person to pass on the baton of Thought-Provoking Thursday. (hmmm… not sure about the grammar of that sentence, but I didn’t want to end it with a preposition.) ;)

And, to make it all even more exciting, after our trip to Relevant together (where the Lord spoke mightily to us through some amazing Christian women bloggers)…


and after some time in prayer and a spiritual exercise through Lent, Michelle has launched a wonderful new focus for her blog, Intentional.Me. And I can’t help but think the timing of this switch is God ordained!

I know you’re going to LOVE her and the link up at her site just as much as I do! I can’t wait to be a part of our Thought-Provoking Thursday community over there! I hope you’ll join us there this coming Thursday!


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

Btw, I will still be here sharing thoughts and pictures as time allows, but I’ll have no set themes for awhile. Just random, hopefully encouraging, thoughts that come to mind, as well as, ways that you and I can fraddle for those we love. And, I’m sure to join in the fun by linking up with thought-provoking Thursday over at Intentional.Me on a hopefully regular basis. :)


PS. Can you believe Michelle made that CUTE Angry Bird costume up above?? LOVE it!



Michelle (Some Girl): Praying for you this morning — that God would really bless your decision to invest in your family. You are a wise lady! :)


Thank you so much, Lyli! You’re such an encouragement to me! {hugs}

Ashley O

As long as you don’t stop blogging, tweeting, or instagraming I’ll be fine. :-) You’re an amazing Mommy and inspiration to all of us! Praying for you and looking forward to reading your dear friends blog!


Awww… thanks, Ashley! xoxo

Sharon O

God blessed you with a wonderful friend, neighbor and the courage to walk across the street and say hi. Now He will give you the courage to do the next phase of your life.
Life with children is always a challenge and if you are mother of son’s it increases (my son and his wife have three boys and they are very busy).
Some day I will go to the ‘relevant’ trip, but for now I just enjoy reading and exploring other blogs and write my own.


Thank you for that encouragement, Sharon! I really appreciate it! {hugs}


Hi Michelle! It is really good to have fun and laugh. And God has really blessed you with a great generation of men.


Yes, He has. Thank you, Ugochi. It’s great to have you here! ♥ Michelle

Deb Chitwood

It’s wonderful that you keep your focus on your family first, Michelle! Michelle from Intentional Me is a perfect choice for Thought-Provoking Thursday. I always enjoy your photography inspiration and your awesome blog, so I’ll look forward to the times when you’re able to post. :)


Thanks, Deb! You continue to be such an encouragement and blessing to me… thank you! xoxo


I totally get this- and I totally love Michelle :) Hoping that you’ll still add your thought provoking posts – they always make me ponder!


I need to catch up with Michelle’s blog, too. She made that costume?!? Wow!

You sound so busy! Wish I could hand you a cup of tea, show you a chair and sit down and chat with you a bit.

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