Exploring and Enjoying The Pacific Coast

by SomeGirl on July 18, 2011 · 10 comments

Back with a few more pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

While camping near Garberville, California we took a day trip to a section of Scenic Highway 1 near Fort Bragg. It marked our first stop at a beach this summer and brought lots of excitement from everyone…

But the wind was so bitterly cold that only our oldest was brave enough to play in the water.

Our littlest one and I camped out on the sun-warmed sand and spent our time bundled up in a beach towel and my jacket (It was 62* and cloudy that day… Interestingly enough, that cold, gray cloud covering has followed us everywhere we’ve been… Kind of weird).

After our camping stay, we made our way to Oregon with a tour through the Avenue of the Giants…

If you ever get the chance I’d HIGHLY recommend it! (The pictures don’t do it any justice!)

Driving up Highway 101, our next beach stop was Crescent City, California. The view was lovely and the weather was much more enjoyable, but the location was very fishy-smelly for people like us who don’t like seafood. ;)

Leaving California and making our way up the Oregon coastline involved lots of photo stops… Everyone in the car wanted pictures of the beautiful scenery! (I LOVED seeing this!) :)

Btw, Florence, Oregon was LOVELY and full of sand dunes, but we were too hungry to stop and ready to get to our hotel, so I have no photos.

But getting to our hotel in time was worth it… Look at this view from our room in Newport, Oregon!

We walked down a short path and enjoyed the evening on the beach (then in the pool and hot tub). It was still jacket weather, but it didn’t stop us from wading and playing around. :)

Now we’re in Seattle sight seeing and relaxing. I’ll post pictures from our time at Pike Place Market soon. :)

Thanks for stopping by!



You are getting to see some of the most amazing places! I’m loving the photos…keep ’em coming!




Those are the places I spent many of my growing up years. From age 10-18 we lived in a small town about an hour away from the central Oregon Coast and it is still one of my favoritest places on earth! I’m so glad you got to see it’s beauty.


So, so beautiful! I live on the Atlantic coast, and have only seen the Pacific once, but it was powerful. We live in a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing your photos!


Loving your trip. Beautiful photos!

Betsy at Zen Mama

What beautiful pictures! You’re having the trip of a lifetime!!

Alicia The Snowflake

Oh wow! What beautiful pics! I’m so glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Blessings to you my friend!


Beautiful! I grew up on the coast of Washington. A day over 60 degrees at the beach is HOT! :) Now I’m in Vegas…it’s been a big adjustment. :)

Your trip sounds fabulous.


Love the picture of your little guy running in the wet sand and water! Love it!


Fun pictures! We leave tomorrow for a 16 road trip. I did a google maps photo capture for my blog. Thanks for the idea! If you need any ideas for your MN leg of the trip let me know and keep the pictures coming :)

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