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by SomeGirl on July 20, 2010 · 20 comments

Aaaah… this day is starting MUCH better than yesterday! The boys went to bed on time last night and so did I. We’re all rested and ready to start the day. I was a little concerned when a few minutes after putting them to bed my littlest one came to the stairs and started the same thing he’s been doing the past couple of days… “Mommmmmy, can I….?” (fill in about 20 different questions to delay going to bed). Then it happened, I said one little phrase that sent him running to his bed and had  him asleep in less than 10 minutes… do you want to know what it was?

There was no yelling, no begging, no threatening, no spanking… nothing. Just 5 magical words that lit a fire under his feet. Are you ready for it? Here’s exactly what I said,

“Ohhh Nooo… I’m losing energy.”

{in a very dramatic, tired, battery draining kind of voice}

He RAN back to bed! I LOVE it! You see, yesterday we were all grumpy and I explained to the boys that their bodies had not had enough sleep the night before because they wouldn’t go to bed and then I explained that I get filled up with energy for all of the fun things we do during the day by resting, hanging out with “Daddy,” working on the computer and other me-time-stuff between the time that they go to sleep and I go to sleep. So, you see, since they were awake making noise, playing and calling me during that time I wasn’t able to get recharged and I was “out of energy” all day yesterday. I didn’t “have enough energy” to do anything neat and fun. I only had enough energy  to swing in the hammock, sit and watch them play, do my normal caretaker/housekeeper duties and hold them… but other than that I just didn’t have enough energy to go anywhere special or even play… {insert really tired, “I just don’t have any energy for that” voice}. But I reminded them that I could get my energy back in the evening when they went to bed. And then I’d have LOTS of energy to play and do the  fun things we normally do.

This morning I was woken up by the pitter patter of tiny feet running to my room and then a happy, puppy-dog-like-face peeked over the edge of my bed asking in an excited, tail-wagging-voice, “Mommy, do you have energy??!!” To which I could reply “yes, I do.” Because I do! It’s amazing what that time in the evening does for refreshing my body, mind and soul. And it’s amazing what that little phrase can do!

Find out more about Love and Logic’s Energy Drain Approach here: What To Do When an Appropriate Consequence is Hard to Find

A little fraddle for my friends with children at home. :) Now, I’m off to fraddle with the boys since I have SO much energy now!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!


♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

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Paula Strong

I love it Michelle! I am going to have to use this !


Hi Paula! Yeah, it’s really amazing how it works! I think you’ll love using it. I’d LOVE to hear if you do! :) ♥ Michelle


So glad to hear you are full of energy today! :D Have an awesome day!


Thanks, Sherry! ♥ Michelle

Ok, seriously, I think I’m going to have to make sure to visit your site in the morning instead of evening… Cheesy Bacon Crescents are not the thing to be seeing at 9:00pm! You and Judy at Cranberry Morning are killing me! I told her a few minutes ago, “if i gain weight I’m blaming you two!” ;) lol


I need to write that one down for future reference! Glad you are feeling energized today. :)


Thanks, Lara!

Yeah, tuck it away, Girl! It works wonders! :)

♥ Michelle


So glad last night went better and that things are back to normal today! What a great way to get your little guy back in bed! Thanks for sharing the love and logic link!


You’re welcome, Jellybean! ;) And thanks for your sweet comments and tweets! ♥ Michelle


I’m so glad today is better!! Great job talking it over with them!!


Thanks, Jessica!! Wow, I just imagined bedtime with 5 children under 5… you’ll have to tell us how you do it! Lots of joy, I’m sure! ♥ Michelle

Cranberry Morning

I laughed all the way through this post! That is the FUNNIEST thing ever!! I could just hear you groaning out that line and then see your son running back to his bed. This is ingenious. :-D


I get the feeling we are A LOT alike!! And I LOVE that feeling!! :)

Thanks for seeing and enjoying the humor with me! :D

♥ Michelle


I always forget to use that one! But the “I know” is like magic in this house. Instantly ends the arguing about not getting their way. I LOVE the Love & Logic system! :)


Like magic!! :)

Hey, I need to ask your wisdom on something and get an invite to you for Z’s party… maybe I’ll call you tomorrow. Afternoon good? :) ♥ Michelle


Wow! I think I may have to try this myself. Like your boys, my girls won’t make sleep up by sleeping later in the mornings either! They’re definitely early birds. I tried putting them to bed earlier tonight. We’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t go so well, tomorrow, let the groaning begin! :)



It made quite an impact! They got right in bed again tonight. Hope it works for you just as well, if you need it! :) ♥ Michelle

Alicia The Snowflake

What a great explanation! I had never thought of that one before. The book sounds interesting. I might have to check it out.

Just a side note…my son used to always be up early. Now he’s 13 and that’s changing. He even slept till 10:00 one morning. I think he’s going to be surprised once we start back to school and he has to get up early again. I’m such a mean mama ;)


You mean mama! ;) That’s definitely one of the main perks of homeschooling… not getting up early. My boys wouldn’t mind it, but *I’d* hate it! lol

Saidah @ A Proverbs Wife

This is a great example for moms. It amazing how children are able to understand more than we give them credit for. When I take the time to explain to the children how their action affect me or anything, they seem to get it.

It’s good to read that other moms are parenting with patience.


Thanks, Saidah! It is always fascinating to me what children can understand (so much more than we think) even at early ages! Btw, I love the wording “parenting with patience”… that could make a GREAT blog post. :) I wish I always parented that way, but sometimes my patience runs out… (every 28 days to be exact). ;)

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