Flashback Fraddling Friday

by SomeGirl on March 26, 2010 · 15 comments

Fluff up your hair, spray a little Stiff-Stuff, put on your jellies and turn up your collar… we’re going back in time to when we had to Fight for our Right to PAARRRTTYY!!!!  The Summer of 1988.

Today’s Fraddling Friday is a little different. Two days ago I was tagged in this photo by a friend from high school. I was thrilled to see the photo! It’s from Falls Creek Youth Camp in Oklahoma (baptist camp, thus the skirts/dresses). Before this photo was taken I hadn’t been to a youth camp. I had grown up going to church on holidays and some in between. (update: my family tells me we went MUCH more than I remember… must have blocked it from my memory for some reason. My mother tells me she wanted me to begrounded in a Christian religion.”  Unfortunately that’s not what I remember church being about… I do remember the donuts, pool, ski trips and dances. :) And, for the record, my parents did a good job raising us with Christian values, which I am very thankful for.) I had even been “confirmed” in a Methodist church when I was “the right age.” But I had no idea what any of that meant. Through the confirmation I learned that if I were to stand in front of God at the entrance to Heaven and He were to ask me why I should be allowed in, I was to say, “because Jesus died for me.” It could have very well been “Peanut Butter and Jelly” or “Boogedy-Boogedy.” To me it was just the pass-phrase… the secret handshake, so to speak. A few months before this photo was taken (around Spring Break my senior year) a boyfriend asked me if I was a Christian. I quickly replied, “Yes!” I mean, I wasn’t anything else… I was an American, of course I was a Christian (those were my thoughts at the time). He asked me if there was a time in my life that I had prayed and experienced a change. And again, “Yes.” I remember 3 particular times that I had prayed before he began asking me these questions…

1. When I was little I used to pray before I went to bed that I wouldn’t have bad dreams and when I prayed I didn’t (God was building my faith).

2. The summer between 8th grade and 9th grade I was in with a bad crowd and found myself in a physical fight with a girl accusing me of calling her names… I didn’t like where my life was going and prayed God would change it. The next year, after the start of High School, I had made all new friends  and my life was suddenly different! (the story I shared with my boyfriend)

3. Riding the “Zipper” at a local carnival I was taken by surprise when the car started rocking and turning over and over uncontrollably… ok, I was TERRIFIED! I prayed something like this, “God, if you let me get out of this ride alive I’ll change my ways!!! Please???!!!”

Well, those answers satisfied my boyfriend, who was a Christian, and we continued dating. Little did he know that I had no idea who God really was and that I was living far from Him. He thought we were on equal standing spiritually. He was a neat guy. He loved life, school, his friends, his family… he was altogether positive and kind. I wasn’t that way, although, I looked like it to the general outsider. I had the appearance of being “good” but inside I was dark…. very dark. I had a negative attitude about much of life. When I told my friends I was dating this guy they thought I was crazy because he wasn’t “cool.” I told them it wasn’t a problem… I’d make him cool. And so I did. Little by little he became as cool as the rest of us. So cool that he didn’t like school anymore and didn’t want to hang out with his family or do the dumb things they were into. He had taken me to a Bible Study early on in our relationship, but now he was WAY TOO COOL for Bible Study! I remember clearly the night that I asked, “What do you want to do tonight?” And he replied, “Get drunk!” It struck me hard. What had happened to him? I didn’t like what I was seeing. Then I realized… he had become like me!

Wondering what to do, I remembered the Bible Study we had attended. We studied I Corinthians 13. I left so surprised that the Bible actually said things that were useful for everyday life. I thought it was just a book of old stories. All I knew was that my boyfriend had been much happier and more positive when he was going to the study/church than he was now. So, I went to his church that Sunday. The lesson in class was centered around this verse,  “…make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother’s way.”– Romans 14:13. I immediately knew what I had to do. I drove to my boyfriend’s house and broke up with him. I had been a stumbling block… I didn’t want to continue being a stumbling block. Then I started going to church. I bought a Bible and started reading it. I started in the book of Matthew and read from there. I was amazed at the stuff I read!

My life was changing. I began praying and talking with a friend who’s dad was a preacher. And when the youth pastor asked me to think about going to youth camp, the same camp I had said no to a few times in the past, I gladly said, “YES!” So, I made it through the end of my senior year… I don’t remember much of school from that point on. I graduated June 4th then packed my bags and went with the lovely group of folks you see in the photo above to Falls Creek Youth Camp. Dawson McCalister was the preacher for the week. I’ll never forget his snot jokes… what’s green and flies over Germany? Snotzies! And I’ll never forget that night when he spoke about our darkness, our hopelessness, our sin, our need for a savior…  then He began to tell how God loved us and wanted a relationship with us. He told of Christ Jesus’ life, death and resurrection; of his payment for our sin. That we could have life, abundant life, eternal life through Him. All we had to do to receive that life was to believe.

And so I did! I didn’t know how to do it, but they offered counselors for those who wanted to know more. I went to the front and found my typing teacher, Mrs. Smith. She went and sat with me, answered all my questions, explained more of God’s love and there with her I prayed, telling God that I did believe. I believed that He loved me. I believed that Christ died for my sins. I believed that he rose from the dead. I asked Him to be Lord of my life and forgive me of all my sins. At that moment HOPE entered my life. LIGHT came into my darkness. My LIFE was changed! And it’s been changed ever since! And some of those sweet girls in the photo above took me to get a snowcone, celebrating my NEW LIFE!

So, today I’m here to give a BIG thanks to Dewey Watson, Mrs. (Katrina) Smith, Dawson McCalister, the girls at Falls Creek, and the boyfriend (who later returned to his faith) for sharing the GREATEST FRADDLE OF ALL with me in 1988. Thank you!!! And thank you Loretta for posting this photo as well as letting me use it here today! ♥ Michelle (aka SomeGirl)

“… if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.” Romans 10:9-10

Btw, that’s me in the center with the big hair and fruity pebbles dress. :)

*Fraddle – def.  The act or an instance of doing something for or with someone because you love them.


Tammy Ballard Scott

Michelle, WHAT A STORY!!!! I love hearing peoples stories. You know Mrs. Katrina Smith was a huge part of my life and STILL IS! She and Sam have walked some roads with me that my own parents didnt. I am so thankful that God put them in my life! I always tell her that she changes lives. I am gonna send her the link to your blog. I think she needs a little reminder of how God uses her :) Thank you for sharing your story! It was a blessing for me to read. Very refreshing.

Some Girl

Thanks, Tammy! And thanks for sending the link to her! That’s awesome that she’s been there for you through so much stuff. Sounds like God has done a lot of life changing through her! ♥ Michelle

(Hey, thanks to you Mrs. Smith and I are FB friends now… I just got the notification. :) Thank you!)


What a wonderful testimony!! I am constantly amazed at the way the Lord works in our lives in such completely different ways, yet we all end up in the same place of realizing our need for HIM!! Thanks for posting this! BTW, I LOVE the hair! =)

Some Girl

Thanks, Rachel! It is neat to see the different ways He draws us… thanks for taking the time to read my LONG post! ;) And congratulations on your 100th post! :) Keep them coming! I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll. ♥ Michelle

PS. I hear big hair is making a come back! (Oh my!)

Alicia The Snowflake

That definitely looks like an 80s pic! But I loved reading your story. It’s amazing how God works to bring us to Him. He never gives up. He never tires. And I’m so very thankful!

Some Girl



What an amazing story, Michelle! It sounds like you learned at a young age the direction you wanted and needed your life to take. What a beautiful blessing! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Some Girl

Thanks, Place! Funny thing is at 17 I had no idea about anything, but I couldn’t resist God’s drawing and His love… His unbelievable love!

Thanks for taking the time to read this super LONG post and for the sweet note! Hugs! ♥ Michelle

(I love your “hugs” and I’m giving one back) :)

April Robins

One little change. You went to Sunday School and Church every Sunday when we were not out camping as a family. We did try to leave almost every weekend during the Summer to have time together while we could. Both Daddy and I wanted you and your brother to be grounded in a Christian religion. You both are doing the same with your children. – Love Mom

Some Girl

Weird, I don’t remember going to church that much. I checked with Wes and he said we went on a regular basis until around my teen years. I do remember hiding in the bathroom stalls some to escape class… maybe you guys went more than me. ;) However, I DO remember going camping every weekend in the summer… It was a lot of fun! Thanks for taking us and for “grounding us in a Christian religion.” ♥

Some Girl

I made an update to the post. :)


I love this picture. I love this story.

For a long time, I wanted a story like this, but have learned to appreciate my own story.

Thanks for sharing. :)

Some Girl

Thanks, Michelle! When we lived in another area I hosted a Tea where I invited different women from the church we were attending… moms, singles, grandmas, married women without children, working women, SAHMs… you get the picture. In the invitation I told them I would really like to get to know them and their story (with the premise being that we are all different, but we all have a story). It was SO neat to hear everyone’s story… they came in all forms, just like the women. But the bottom line was the same… God was at work in each of our lives, some from early on and some not until much later, some in dramatic ways and some in quiet, more subtle ways. But in all of them God’s fingerprints were evident.

So, with that said… I would LOVE to hear your story! (and for anyone else reading, I’d LOVE to hear your story, too!) It’s SO encouraging to hear of God’s faithfulness in whatever form He chooses to show it!

So, please come to my Tea… I’d love to get to know you more and hear your story! Please do share! ♥


I loved reading your testimony. One of these days I will write mine down and put it up… Thank you for sharing it! God is so good!!

Some Girl

Thank you, Dawn! I’d LOVE to read your testimony! Please do share it! ♥

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