If You Ever Try to Impress…

by SomeGirl on February 15, 2012 · 8 comments

I read this verse in a new-to-me translation yesterday and it has burned deep into my soul… Philippians 2:3 NLT

Don’t be selfish;

Don’t try to impress others.

Be humble,

Thinking of others as better than yourselves.


Don’t try to impress others… how counter-cultural is that?!

And yet it’s a command from scripture – not a suggestion, but a flat out instruction…

Don’t try to impress others.

Boy, have I fallen short of that!

Since reading that verse yesterday morning I haven’t stopped thinking about it…

Don’t try to impress others.

I even made the above graphic the lock screen image on my phone, so I have to see it and can read it every time I pick it up…

Don’t try to impress others.

And now I’m passing it on to you…

Don’t try to impress others.

And that’s what I’ve been thinking about… non-stop!


Don’t try to impress others!

What about you?


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Makes sense…If you are trying to impress, you are only thinking about yourself. Nobody else. Good thought to ponder.

Nikki @ Simplystriving

Ouch. Yes, that verse had a bit of sting to it, doesn’t it. Certainly one to keep in the forefront of our minds. Thank you for putting it there for me!

Deb Chitwood

It is easy to forget about that bit of scripture in today’s world! Yet it makes so much sense. Thanks for that truly thought-provoking reminder, Michelle! :)


Thanks , wonderful reminder!


Wow – talk about having something hit you in black and white!

Jeanette Edgar

Terrific post! Reminds me of Psalms 115:1 Not to us, O LORD, but to your name be the glory! And Romans 12:2 – 3. If we don’t conform to the world, we won’t think more of ourselves than we ought to.

Laurie Collett

Wow, this fits so well with my post this week, “First or Last?” In this area as in so many, the world’s “wisdom” is contrary to God’s true wisdom.
Blessings to you,


I love reading different translations of a verse – it just helps to let is sink down and have a bigger meaning to me. Thank you for sharing this verse with me {us}

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