Do You Struggle with Finding Your Value in Numbers?

by SomeGirl on June 21, 2012 · 9 comments

I don’t know about you, but I often get discouraged by numbers. Not only do I get discouraged by them, I tend to let them define me.

Here are some of the numbers I’ve let dominate my thoughts (in both pride-filled and shame-ridden ways) over the past few years, see if you can relate…

The numbers on:

The scale

The inside back label of my pants

The area code/zip code from where I live or came

The number of children I’ve had or not had (when struggling with infertility, as well as, in the homeschool world)

My savings account balance

My checking account balance

My salary/pay for a job

My husband’s salary/pay for a job

My age

My boys’ ages

The amount of time I allow my boys or self to __________

The number of “likes” something I’ve posted on FB receives

The number of subscribers to this blog

The number of followers/friends I have in real life or on social media

The list goes on and on…

I’ve often let my value or lack of value be derived by those numbers (numbers which go up and down daily). That’s some shaky ground to be basing value upon!

Lately, as I’ve mistakingly given and taken away my worth based upon some of these things, I’ve sensed God whispering to me, “The numbers don’t matter.”

I’ve pondered this quite a bit over the recent weeks and have decided that there’s only one number that really matters. Only one number to base my worth upon…

While the other numbers in life rise and fall without much given warning, one number remains constant.

I (and you) have been made 4 a purpose.

Created 4 God’s Glory.

Bought 4 a price… Paid 4 by Christ’s perfect blood.

Ransomed 4 a relationship with the One and Only Living God.

4given as we confess our sins and put our faith in Christ Jesus.

Gifted 4 Kingdom work.

Prayerfully, living 4 Him.

With that said, I pray that we who struggle with finding our value in numbers would take our thoughts captive, give our numbers to God and begin to look solely to Him 4 our worth. He provides the only constant number upon which to build our worth’s foundation.

Something to think about.

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Great words of encouragement, Michelle. I battle with the numbers game at times too.
I love what you did with one number in particular, though! Wow, who would have thought that the number four could apply to so many spiritual truths:)


Love this post! One of the coolest numbers I love is the number ZERO — it’s the number of my sins that He is counting against me — all because of Jesus. :)


Fantastic thoughts! I never looked at the number 4 that way – brilliant!

Joining with you in removing all the other numbers out of my head!


LOVE it! The 4s….and love the significance of numbers in the bible….ONE God, whom I was created to serve, love, honour, obey and give glory to – no one else!

mari tuten

So true, so true! I just posted about something along the same lines.


Ah-Mazing post!! Thanks for bringing it all into perspective 4 us.

Amanda Jones

Great post!!!

Cyndi Spivey

This was a great post and I needed to hear it. I’ve been living in numbers lately too. Dwelling on them way too much. Thank you for the reminder!

Deb @ Raising Figure Skaters

Awesome post, Michelle! It’s so easy to get caught up in numbers regardless of what we’re doing. I love the thought that we should “give our numbers to God and begin to look solely to Him 4 our worth.” :)

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