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I was reading a blog on How to Make Sweet Tea and was SO surprised when I read that the author was “in the boys room fraddling and being silly…” That’s the second time I’ve heard “fraddling” used by someone else and I just LOVE it! I love that people are starting to use the word, and in turn, thinking more consciously about (in the words of the blog author) “showing love and spreading joy”. :) What a FUN day!

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(Ok, so the blog was written by one of my girlfriends, but I had no idea she was going to use the word… she said it’s just been stuck in her head since I mentioned it to her… so stuck she even turned it into a song! See below. And thanks for fraddling for me, OM!!!)


The Fraddle Song (To the tune of the Dreidel Song)

Fraddle, fraddle, fraddle
Is really just the way
I show you that I love you,
And spread some joy today.

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Oh how sweet! Thank you! :)

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