A Sick Fraddling Friday

by SomeGirl on July 23, 2010 · 26 comments

Well, my littlest one woke up with Croup last night (he’s prone to it when he has allergy flare-ups). Fortunately I know what to do with his Croup now, the first time it happened I raced to the Emergency Room… now I know what to expect and how to help him. So, we’re taking it easy today. He and his brother are watching the original Star Wars (for the hundredth time).  I’d like to have them outside, but something in the air seems to be bothering him.  That makes today a  take-it-easy-and-rest kind of Fraddling Friday.

I thought I would borrow an idea from my friend, Rachel at A Steady Rain, and have a Friday Feedback post (visit her, you’ll LOVE her!)

Friday Feedback…

My oldest likes to tell people, “When we’re sick, we lay on the couch and watch TV. That’s what our family does.”  And it’s true. (I’ll teach him the difference between lie and lay later). ;) That’s what I grew up doing when I was sick and that’s what we do now (and are doing today).

What about you? What do you (or your family) do when you’re sick? I’d LOVE to hear! ♥



Couch and TV, tea and crackers or peanut butter on toast, ibuprofen and warm bean bag (the hand sewn ones you heat up in the microwave), lots of pillows and fluffy blankets!


Oooh…. that sounds nice and cozy… too bad you’re sick while you do it. Maybe we all need to have an “act like we’re sick” day and enjoy the coziness of our sick routines without actually being sick. :)


Love this Fri Feedback question!!! =) Definitely lots of TV and cuddling!! Hope he gets feeling better soon!!


Thanks, Rachel! And thanks for the awesome idea! :) Hope you’re having TONS of fun with family!! ♥ Michelle


TV. Definitely TV. Oh, and ice cream. Lots of that.


Lots of ice cream… my guys would LOVE that! :)


Movies and lots of snuggle time!



Sounds wonderful! (if no one’s sick that is) ;)


So true!


This is fun! I LOVE getting to know you guys more! Keep ’em coming… :)

Jennifer Davis

Lots of movies and lots to drink with pillows everywhere. We read a lot, too. When the kids are sick they tend to nap, which I hate to admit is so glorious since they don’t nap when they’re healthy!


Pillows everywhere sounds so comfortable!

And naps are nice, aren’t they? I have to admit I enjoy the boys being occupied by the TV today… even though I wish my little guy wasn’t feeling poorly.

Thanks for joining the fun of Friday Feedback! ♥


Couch, cuddles, Disney and plenty of books. Ice cream for kids and plenty of coffee for mommy xx


Sounds like a nice sick day routine! Thanks for taking the time to comment (and for your sweet tweet)… I’m praying for you! ♥ Michelle


So sorry your little one has croup… praying!
We snuggle & cuddle & eat Popsicles :).


Thank you, Jessica! ♥ Popsicles sound yummy right now! :)

Cranberry Morning

Hope the sick time is over soon. I think on sick days we would gather reading and writing materials, lie on the couch, and have a good movie going. Oh. and don’t forget the water and 7 up. :-)


Thanks, Judy! Yep, gotta have the 7 up! :)

stef layton

movies – definitely movies!!

and I’ll confess – I had a crush on Chewy when I was a little girl! a giant teddy bear – why didn’t other girls?? =)

praying your little one feels better! I HATE CROUP! My oldest (asthma probs) usually got it 4x a year!



Thanks for the prayers, Stef! I wonder if we’ll find out later that he has asthma… the doctors said it was too early to tell last time we mentioned it (asthma runs in his bloodline).

So, a crush on Chewy, hu?! I had a HUGE crush on Luke and now I look and think, “Why??” Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is much nicer looking! ;) Chewy….. hmmm. lol


Thanks for your kind remarks over at my blog!
I love finding other Jesus’ followers in the blogosphere!


You have a lovely blog! Thanks for stopping by mine, too! It’s great to meet you (a fellow Jesus follower)! ♥ Michelle


I hope your little guy is feeling much better by now. My little one isn’t old enough to realize what we would do when he doesn’t feel well. Right now it’s just a take care of him age. But when I was little I often went to my grandmothers when I was sick and had to miss school. Unless it was bad enough that it warranted my father having to miss work of course. If I had to leave school early he’d pick me up and on the way home would grab me a frosty from Wendy’s. Then we would watch TV for sure! As an adult I love to crawl into bed with a cup of tea and some movie like You’ve Got Mail or something! :)


It’s great your grandmother was close enough for you to stay with. And how sweet that your father would grab you a frosty on the way home… that stirred all kinds of sweet emotions in me when I read it! Btw, I LOVE You’ve Got Mail! :)


Oh, forgot to mention… Praise God, my little one is better now! Thanks for hoping so! :)


Oh good! I’m so glad! :)

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